Friday, 31 July 2009

Sir Bobby Robson - Rest in Peace

Today, the game of Football lost one of it's greats, Sir Bobby Robson, who famously guided England to the Semi Finals of the World Cup in 1990.

The world of football is paying tribute to the great man, who has died following a long battle against cancer at the age of 76.

I have created a blog this afternoon to commemorate, please feel free to add your comments:

Thanks, and Sir Bobby, Rest in Peace.

Thursday, 30 July 2009

What's going on in the world today?

Yes, it's the start of another Blog, and the intention of this one is to just type anything really, anything that's going on in the world that I have an opinion on, so here goes with Day 1:

The Weather!

Everyone moans about it, whether it be good or bad, if it's chucking it down outside or if it's too hot, we always like a moan about it. Why is that?

Are we such a depressive bunch in the UK or is it just built into our nature, that we can't accept our climate for what it is???

The weathermen yesterday said that they have changed their minds over the wonderful summer we were supposed to be having, and instead told us we can look forward to an unsettled August.

Now, following this, people have been up in arms about it, some claiming poverty based on the fact that they had planned for an amazing summer of sunshine.

People in this country should know better, and the best way to check what the weather is going to be is to look through the window, if you see clouds out there, then there is a chance it's going rain, if it's blue skies, then it will probably cloud over later in the day and rain!!! =)

Oops there's that depressive nature coming in again, oh well...

There's surely more to worry about in life than the weather, we live in the UK not in the Maldives, where incidentally, I have been four times, and on each occasion, have experienced rain - so it's not even predictable there what it's going to do next!!!

Rant over for Day 1!