Thursday, 10 February 2011

Robots to take over the World!

It's almost like we are getting ready to live the Terminator story for real as news has broken that they are soon to get their very own internet!

Reading through a BBC report yesterday, see bottom of the page, it appears that Robots are soon to be gaining more information on how we live, and learning more about us, whcih got my thought pulses going!

Uh-Oh they're coming...
Isn't it reminiscent of the SkyNet story in the Arnie Schwarzerwhatisface film series, where the computers / robots all got minds of their own and ended up ruling the world taking on the humans?

I read this report, and it was quite thought provoking I must admit, where it seems that Robots will be able to share and store what they discover about the world on a similar platform to Wikipedia that humans all use - so Robots will become more knowledgeable, and to quote the report "Researchers behind it hope it will allow robots to come into service more quickly, armed with a growing library of knowledge about their human masters." - there's just something disturbing about that!

So, are we to see humanity being challenged here, or are we all really safe? Well I guess the answer is yes we'll probably all be fine thank you very much, but still, Robots gaining minds of their own, next thing they'll be drinking our pints in the pub, or having affairs with our wives - mind you they've probably already achieved that in a large number of households if you catch my drift on that!

ED209 makes a comeback
RoboEarth as it will become known will be the knowledge centre for these Robots to gain more understanding and further information, but whatever they get from it, to me RoboEarth just gives me images of ED209 from RoboCop where he took on a life of his own and started killing people with his guns. It couldn't happen again, could it?

We need a new 'Murphy' to fight back, but then again, he was a sort of Robot too wasn't he? Aaarrrggghhh you just can't get away with them - in fact have a look round you when you're out and about, they're all around you if you look closely - probably thinking "ha ha humans, we're coming to get you" - come to think of maybe Davina McCall is a Robot already - those Brits reading this will know what I mean by that!

This made me laugh in the BBC report, "Dr Waibel said it would be a place that would teach robots about the objects that fill the human world and their relationships to each other.

For instance, he said, RoboEarth could help a robot understand what is meant when it is asked to set the table and what objects are required for that task to be completed."

Blokes - avoid the kitchen
I'm sure many of us blokes have frozen when asked the "setting the table" question in the past, freezing on the spot thinking 'huh?' - never done that before, so maybe we'll all benefit from a trip to RoboEarth, in fact I think we should have our own "BlokeEarth" so us fellas can all share vital pieces of information on unknown chores such as 'How to empty a hoover' or 'How to programme a washing machine' - yes I can see it being a very popular site!

Getting back to the original thought though, in that this could be the next step in the Robot plan to take over the planet, do us a favour though if it's going to happen, start on the politicians first hey?

Gotta go now, there's a storm coming!

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