Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Never mind 3D, get the real thing in your home!

Having seen all the adverts from Sky Sports last weekend, promoting a football match in 3D, I stumbled across this piece of news which made me chuckle, as it prompted thoughts of similar instances.

The report shows that British band, the Pet Shop Boys, played a mini concert in a fans house, as part of "The Brits" 30th anniversary, imagine how cool that would have been, having a concert in your own house, with the real group members!

It just got me thinking about how this could be replicated, and if we're sticking on the music theme, imagine having Elton John playing the piano in your front room, or even Celine Dion belting out one of her classics, then again, you'd have to tape all the glass ornaments up in fear of her shattering them with her voice.

Not sure if I'd like Oasis in the front room though, I'd probably end up throwing beer cans at them, I'm sure the wife wouldn't be too happy, mind you I'm sure she'd be happy with the likes of JLS thrusting around, nope that's it, not going to happen - put my foot down on that one.

Imagine though, if it wasn't just music, sportsmen could be involved, with the likes of David Beckham smacking in a free kick from the open plan dining room into the top corner, mind you I'd have to keep checking that John Terry wasn't hanging around the bedroom area!!

Films could be the same too, with actors & actresses acting out their scenes from the front room, although I'm not sure I'd like Titanic re-enacted as that would pretty much guarantee a steep insurance premium next year, but wouldn't it be cool to have a Terminator, or Avatar in the kitchen!

Anyway, getting back to the story, I think it's great to see that the Pet Shop Boys did this, maybe more stars could become more "public" and do something similar.