Thursday, 26 November 2009

Who is your all time hero?

This week at work, my company has been celebrating Heroes, no not the tv programme, but modern day heroes, as in normal people who have gone outside the normal way of life to do something memorable, useful, and most of all, to benefit others rather than themselves.

Who would you class as your greatest hero of all time?

Many would say politicians....

Yeah right!

Only joking there!

Many have people such as Martin Luther King, Nelson Mandela, or even Mr Blobby (that one's for the Brits amongst us, I'm not sure if he ever made it to the shores of the United States!!!).

Anyway, my hero would have to be the person who dreamed up the idea of Football (soccer to the US boys & girls), that person led to so many people across the globe going through the entire emotions available in a human, from the excitement of scoring a goal or winning a game, to the despair of witnessing your team getting beaten with a last minute goal, or even being relegated, or if you check out my Blog on Chester City, you'll see just what a painful & miserable life our club's fans lead!

So, who would be your hero then?

Feel free to comment below...

Friday, 20 November 2009

Hospital staff - they are just great!

Having had a "not so nice" day shall we say, I felt I had to blog about the hospital staff, although maybe they should be renamed hospitable staff!

Early this morning my mum was whisked off to hospital following illness, and as expected the usual worries come flowing through the head, especially considering that she had to go a 7-way heart bypass just a few years ago.

Allmorning I had all kinds of emotions going through my head, at what my mum was going through, she'd fainted 2 or 3 times this morning, and considering what she'd been through, this was a potentially horrible scenario about to unfold.

Anyway, I managed to get to see her this afternoon, and looking better, which was most pleasing, but I wanted to pay thanks to the staff who made her comfy as can be dfuring the day, but also seem to keep a smile on their face the whole day, and I'm sure they must feel like getting as frustrated with things as normal people would, but fair play to them, they just get on with the job.

I'm sure that's pretty reflective over the world, in their profession, but a BIG thanks to them anyway, and if you know of any Doctors or Nurses, make sure they know they are appreciated in this big bad world!!!

That's all!

Feel free to add your comments in support of the Doctors & Nurses around the world!

Thursday, 19 November 2009

It's time to celebrate...World Toilet Day

Yes, this is really true, today is World Toilet Day!!

So, never mind the Blog Roll it's time to talk Bog Roll instead!!

Having just spotted this famous day in the world events calendar (?), I'm actually quite distressed to see that in the UK, we've missed one of the ways of celebrating the day, which is to squat in public for one minute at Noon - yes they really suggested this!

Quite a bizarre thought, but it's actually there to drive home the point "Where would you go" if you had no public toilet to use.

This, and other celebration ideas tickled me, and listen I know the theme is supposed to be serious, but you can't help but laugh at some of the suggestions, I guess this is what they call 'Toilet Humour' (insert groan there please).

Here are some ideas suggested:

School Events
  • Playing the Spot the Toilet in a photo game!
  • Viewing of The Adventures of Super Toilet!
  • Viewing a funny video about urinating in public!
  • Demonstration by teachers on proper use and cleaning of toilet!

Wow, they get all the shit jobs don't they?

One of the suggestions is to blog about World Toilet Day, and that's exactly what I'm doing, so I'm going to suggest at 6.00pm GMT, we all go for a pee, then the question is "to flush or not to flush" - I'll leave that one over to you!

I won't ask for photos, unlike the World Toilet Day website itself, I don't think I could cope with all that crap, I spout enough on here everyday!

Incidentally, I love one of the links on the website, which is to a site called Give A Shit, which features an article about a man who went on a quest in 2006, to find the best views from toilets!! Here is one of his pictures!!!

So, let me know your thoughts on World Toilet Day, will it all go down the pan, or will it attract some floaters?

Wednesday, 18 November 2009

My mind has gone blank!!

Disaster has struck The Daily Banksy today - the day was so so busy that I've been unable to write anything down, and get my thoughts going, so it's a bit of a random blog today!

What do you do when you run out of things to say?

Hopefully tomorrow will prove a better day!!!

Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Have you seen Simon's Cat?

Well I've only just seen this on the news, but a Cartoonist, who basically downloaded a software application to learn how to do animation, has now had over 45 million hits on You Tube of his work.

So, what's it all about then?

Well it's basically a story about a man & his cat, and the cunning things that his cat gets up to - now I don't have a cat, but I'm sure people on here will relate to what is going on in the cartoons, and probably say "yep, my cat does that too" - how do I know this if I haven't got a cat?

Well I've tried the test with friends that do, and they admit it, so here you go, see what you think, fairdos it is quite funny!

Monday, 16 November 2009

Do you blog when you're drunk?

Okay, I thought I'd try something different tonight, and try blogging when I'm drunk - yep, I;ve had a few, and want to see if it really makes a big difference to what I type, and how you actually come across the following day.

It's not unknown for me to have downed several glasses of wine each night, i do like a good tipple of the wine varieties, even on a school night as they say, but does it really affect the way you blog?

I woiuld hope not, i'm trying to type this, and see if I make any more nistakes that usual, as I am quite a fast typer anyway, but seeing if I can identify my typos along the way, I'm hoping that this comes out with as few spelling mistakes as possible, and I'm being totally honest here, I'm not going to check spelling or anything like that once I've typed up this blog - if I don't believe I've made any typos wheilst going through this, then I will leave all alone until I have actaully published the blog and see how I've got on.

My question to all reading this is have you evenr blogged whilst having necked a few, that maybe put you over the egde but still felt compelled to write a blog.

I have purposefully left the blog til late tonight to try this experiment - I love drinking, I don't often do it in the week. ha ha who am I trying to kid, I love a bit of the old wineage!!!

Anyway I think I've made my point now, it's over to tou to tell me if you've done the same, or if you just wou;ldn't dream of blogging whilst under the influence, incidentally, is that called BUI?

Come one fo;lks, tell me how I've done, oo-er I've just spotted a mistake straight away on this line!!

Ooops, oh well!!

Ha ha, I've just come back, as I typed in blogging whilst drunk into Google, and look what popped up:

How funny!!

Right, I'm off for another drink tomorrow, errr I mean now!

Can't believe I'm also typing this whilst watching "Eight legged Freaks"!!!

Friday, 13 November 2009

Winning millions & empty promises!

Last week in the UK, there were two Euro Lottery winners, each scooping a massive £45m, so they won't have to worry about money ever again, or will they?

There are I'm sure plenty of pressures that come with winning the lottery, the first I imagine would be keeping your identity secret, but we all know that even if you wanted it that way, it just wouldn't stay a secret would it?

It would undoubtedly change your life forever, I don't care what they say on that.

Whilst thinking about the lottery, it brought me round to thinking about that film with Bridget Fonda and some bloke, I forget his name now, where he said if he won the lottery, he would come back and give her half of it, I think she picked some of the numbers.

Have you ever done that?

You know, ask someone random for numbers that would make up your lottery slip, and say to them that you would give them a portion of it, have you ever done that?

As a follow up, have you ever, or would you ever actually follow through with that statement, would you return with half of the money for that person? - Imagine the flak you'd get from your other half, if all of a sudden after winning a million on the lottery, you then said to your other half, "oh by the way, this person in McDonalds chose three of the numbers so I'm giving them half of the money"!

You can imagine that would go down as well as a claim that a young boy was stuck in a UFO shaped balloon hurtling through the sky!

So, basically it could be construed as an empty promise, and god knows I've had enough of them in my time, but would anyone be the exception to the rule, and actually give half your winnings away?

I would, well if I won £10 I would!

Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Segway - the future of inner city travel?

Last weekend, myself & Mrs Blogger spent a couple of days in London, to finally enjoy a Christmas 2008 present, which was a Segway race for two.

A seg-what I hear you cry?

Well, if you've never heard of them before, or not been on one before, you're missing out believe me!

A Segway is a relatively new conception of transport, on two wheels, but perfectly balanced, it's pretty much a stand up scooter, that runs off a battery, and something that is so easy to use.

The talk was that this would be the next mode of transport, something that you'd see people in the big city heading to work on, some day that may still happen, although I would bank on that in maybe the spring & summer months rather than autumn & winter.

Anyway, we were given an introduction on how to get on & off them, and yes, you do need to know how to do this properly, but once on, it's all about balance.

Not as in, if you tip one way you'll fall off, as that's not the case, more though a case of balancing your feet, as your movement if the Segway is dictated by the pressure in the front and heel of your feet.

I must admit, I thought it was a case of push the bar forward, and you move forward, and vice versa to go brake, but no, it's all in the feet.

Once you're on, you put the pressure in to your toes and the front of your feet, and you start to move ahead, and once mastered, you really do build up a bit of speed, and you get more confident as time goes on.

When you want to brake, you simply put the pressure down in your heels, and the Segway brakes, and not so much that you go flying off!

We actually were given the intro then were taken to a slalom where we practiced turning, speeding up, and braking, before we were unleashed onto the course, which was the one in the video below.

As it was a race between 5 people, I really went for it at one stage, and having just come down off a slope, hit the stump of a tree that was sticking out, and went well and truly flying off it, having gone off balance - I flew off straight into a mudpatch, which wasn't the greatest feeling ever, but was a bloody good laugh at the same time!!!

Anyway, I jumped back on, and away I went again, I didn't do too badly, having finished in 3rd place following my George Bush style crash, but it's something I'd definetly recommend, and would advise anyone to have a crack at if they get the chance!!

I must admit though, when I asked how much they would be to buy, I was quite staggered when they told me it would be about £5000+, you can get a decent car for that now - and you get a radio in a car!!!

So, I probably won't get one, but you never know in the future if the prices come down, and they are licenced for the road, they may just become the next best way of going to and from work - it's certainly an eco-friendly way of doing so!

Tuesday, 10 November 2009


This time next week in the UK, "I'm a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here" will have started - and for those that don't know, that's a reality programme, where celebrities - if you can call them that - have to spend a fortnight in the jungle, and survive on the basics in life, such as rice & beans, and with very little luxury offered.

They do however, prior to going in to the jungle in Australia, get to choose ONE luxury item to take in with them, sometimes that can be simple things like an Ipod, other times, a pair of hair straighteners, where the hell they think they'll plug that in god only knows!!!

Anyway, let's just imagine you were heading in to the jungle on this experience, and you were given the option to choose just one item to take in with you, other than a basic set of clothes, what would it be?

It's a toughie as you may just fancy taking in a bar of chocolate, but that would be either melted or gone in seconds, so that would be no good, what about insect repellent for all those bugs? Chances are, you'd run out of that in no time at all!!

Mobile phones or any other communications device are not permitted, so don't even think of taking your mobile in there, you can't!

My choice would be a eye mask - I think I'd rather not see what's around me at night in the jungle - admittedly it's not a luxury item, but I think it'd suit me best!!

So, what would yours be?

Monday, 9 November 2009

Capital Cities - The Big Rush

Having just been to the capital of England, London, for the weekend, I returned yesterday with the view that travelling around the capital just takes so much out of your time, and you don't get to see what you wanted to see of the place as you were pretty much caught up in the rush.

So, my question today is, are capital cities all they are cracked up to be?

In fact, whilst I'm asking questions, which is the best capital city in the world that you have visited?

London offers the big City feel, with a Royal twist of course, and has some fantastic views, what with the millenium wheel being the one where you can see most of them from.

Paris, well that of course has the romance attached to it, but if I'm being fair, I didn't really get the romantic appeal, just more of a rush in the centre, and a bit of time spent up the Eiffel Tower.

Berlin, I did enjoy. Despite visiting in the middle of February, with temperatures hitting -11 degrees celsius, and having icicles hanging off my wotsits, I really liked the place. The atmosphere there was pretty good, seeing the great divide that is the Berlin Wall, going up the tower - I've forgotten it's name - and seeing the cathedral that was bombed during the war, although I have to say a favourite of mine, well two actually, no three, was visting the Brandenburg Gate, Checkpoint Charlie, and the Olympic Stadium, where the 1934 Olympics were famously held.

I've yet to taste the likes of Madrid, and Lisbon, but look forward to doing those sometime in life, have also come close to Cairo, and Athens, but never made it yet!

As for the other sides of the world, well I've not been to Australia, and have been to the US but only to Vegas & Miami - two fantastic places mind!!!

For those who have been to capital cities, did you find it such a rush in these places too, or did you manage to sit back, relax and enjoy the place?

Friday, 6 November 2009

Bonfire Night - Why does it always rain???

Yesterday, prior to noticing that the Cookie Monster was appearing on Google for the day, my blog was set to be about Bonfire Night, and the fact that many thousands of people would be setting off fireworks across the country on the night.

Well even though I was at college last night, I was listening out for, and watching out of the window for, the lots & lots of fireworks, but really it seemed a relatively quiet night, and this was probably due to the absolute rubbish weather that graced our country the last couple of days.

Fields & gardens all over the country must have been flooded, no good that for firework planners obviously, and the rain yesterday afternoon leading into the evening was shocking, which got me thinking, why does it always rain on November 5th??

Is Guy Fawkes really getting us back for having his head shoved on a stick outside the houses of parliament? I wouldn't be too surprised if he was!

There will of course be many opportunites to see more fireworks tomorrow night, as lots of orgainsed fireworks displays take place on Saturday nights now, which is always good to see if like me, you were busy last night, or the weather, as it was, was no good on the night.

Let's just hope for better weather tomorrow night then!

Thursday, 5 November 2009

I've taken over Google for the day!

Well I'm delighted to say that Google has finally recognised my bid to take over the world, and has got my picture on the main page today!

This is it, the Cookie Monster known as "Banksy" has taken over for the day, the world is mine, muhaha muhahahaha....

To everyone reading this blog today, I declare the day, National Cookie Day, so go get your cookie, and sit down, relax, and munch away, as you join Banksy in celebrating Google's attempts to recognise me!!

I have a speech...

I'd like to thank all my loyal readers & followers for helping me achieve my aim of featuring on the Google home page, I'd also like to thank manufacturers of cookies, for making the best tasting biscuits in the world, and I'd also like to thank Mummy & Daddy Cookie for bringing me in to the world.


Munch Munch!!!

Wednesday, 4 November 2009

If I won the lottery, I'd...

...first of all pinch myself to make sure I was actually in receipt of the winning ticket!!!

Can you imagine the panic and fear of getting to the head office though to redeem your ticket, you'd be constantly checking as you made your way there - oh imagine if you somehow lost it on the way!

What a nightmare that would be, scrambling round like a mad man looking for one slip of paper which would change your life forever - and I don't care what anyone sayd, it would change your life forever.

So, what would I spend it on?

Well, first off I'd buy a big holiday for the wife & I, and constantly treat her now that I could afford to do so - right that's the brownie points scored, now for the real world!

I think I would firstly - after getting it in the bank of course - go into work, try to keep as calm as possible, and just keep it a secret as long as possible - mind you if that worked, I wouldn't want to be sitting in my job for another four years whilst I was sitting on this goldmine, so I'd put a limit of a week on it, before I finally revealed all.

I would then leave work, and set up my own business.

One dream I always had was to set up my own radio station, and enjoy doing that, and I'd make sure that they covered my local club Chester City FC as much as possible, in fact I'd probably re-name the station to Chester City FM.

Would I set up Chester City TV?

Yes, probably, I've already made a start on that one - see here - but obviously I'd take it to the next level.

Other things...

Okay, I'd buy a bloody decent motor, I'd quite fancy a Ferrari, or a Lambourghini, boys toys and all that, you'd just have to buy one of those being a male millionaire.

I'd also keep the Vulcan Bomber flying for another few years, if you don't know what that is, check it out here, with one of the best sounds ever to grace the air, and it's the world's last remaining airwothy Vulcan.

What else?

Hmmm, okay, I'd buy Blogger, only joking, I don't think a lottery win could cover that one!!!

I think I'd invite all you Daily Banksy followers round for giant booze up, and that would include a free taxi home, even for those in the US!

I'd also look to buy an island in the Maldives, paradise on earth believe me, and the staff there are on a pittance, so they too would be treated.

Finally, I'd bring about World Peace - oh no hold on, that's a different competition, and I don't think I'll win that one somehow!

So, what would spend your money on?

Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Now it's good for you to be grumpy!!

Well rather bizarrely after blogging about depression being caused by eating processed foods yesterday, today i see a news report that being grumpy is actually good for you!

I'm sorry but surely that has to be a load of crap!

When has being grumpy led to you feeling great?

Do we all really believe that if everyone on planet earth suddenly became grumpy then the world would be a better place, for you and for me and the entire human race... Oops sorry, slipped into michael jackson mode there for a minute!

But seriously, would it be a better place?

I doubt it somehow, and there's enough miserable people out there already!

What makes you grumpy though? Anything in particular?

I have to say that probably having no money is the one thing that puts me in that kind of mood, but its something i can snap out of pretty quickly and lets face it the wife would tell me anyway!

So that's todays 'what the hell???' blog!

Monday, 2 November 2009

Comfort Eating - what's your choice?

Just reading through a report that eating processed foods leads to Depression, and that surprised me a little as I tend to eat a fair pack of the old processed foods - yes, I know - what a crap diet, but I like it!

Anyway, it got me thinking about the fact that people do tend to get their munhcing going when they are depressed or feeling unwell, but does everyone turn to processed food, or do they have a choice of what to eat should they be wanting to binge-eat???

I have to say, my favourite is chocolate, I just love the stuff, and it always makes me feel better, for me you can't beat a big bar of Dairy Milk to make you feel that little better about things!

In fact last night, the wife was kind enough to make some profiteroles, and the Dairy Milk was in full flow, as we melted it, and used it as a dip for the little puds - yum yum!!!

It was almost like having a chocolate fountain - only there was no fountain, just that delightful hot Dairy Milk chocolate sauce, christ, I'm just getting my taste buds going now, just talking about the stuff.

So, what's your choice of comfort food?

Ice Cream?

There must be quite a range out there, so what's yours?