Friday, 6 November 2009

Bonfire Night - Why does it always rain???

Yesterday, prior to noticing that the Cookie Monster was appearing on Google for the day, my blog was set to be about Bonfire Night, and the fact that many thousands of people would be setting off fireworks across the country on the night.

Well even though I was at college last night, I was listening out for, and watching out of the window for, the lots & lots of fireworks, but really it seemed a relatively quiet night, and this was probably due to the absolute rubbish weather that graced our country the last couple of days.

Fields & gardens all over the country must have been flooded, no good that for firework planners obviously, and the rain yesterday afternoon leading into the evening was shocking, which got me thinking, why does it always rain on November 5th??

Is Guy Fawkes really getting us back for having his head shoved on a stick outside the houses of parliament? I wouldn't be too surprised if he was!

There will of course be many opportunites to see more fireworks tomorrow night, as lots of orgainsed fireworks displays take place on Saturday nights now, which is always good to see if like me, you were busy last night, or the weather, as it was, was no good on the night.

Let's just hope for better weather tomorrow night then!


  1. Nice post (as always).
    Re Danger W**king, make sure you email them the blog URL!

  2. fireworks here tonight. Just me, my laptop, some chick flix and my couch. that's kinda like fireworks ;-)

  3. I didn't see any fireworks yesterday despite no rain in London boo. Wishing you nice weather for Saturday's display

    Kate x

  4. It was the same in Ireland. Temperate climates! The Maldives sounds nice. Maybe I'll add that to my list when I win the lottery.