Thursday, 19 November 2009

It's time to celebrate...World Toilet Day

Yes, this is really true, today is World Toilet Day!!

So, never mind the Blog Roll it's time to talk Bog Roll instead!!

Having just spotted this famous day in the world events calendar (?), I'm actually quite distressed to see that in the UK, we've missed one of the ways of celebrating the day, which is to squat in public for one minute at Noon - yes they really suggested this!

Quite a bizarre thought, but it's actually there to drive home the point "Where would you go" if you had no public toilet to use.

This, and other celebration ideas tickled me, and listen I know the theme is supposed to be serious, but you can't help but laugh at some of the suggestions, I guess this is what they call 'Toilet Humour' (insert groan there please).

Here are some ideas suggested:

School Events
  • Playing the Spot the Toilet in a photo game!
  • Viewing of The Adventures of Super Toilet!
  • Viewing a funny video about urinating in public!
  • Demonstration by teachers on proper use and cleaning of toilet!

Wow, they get all the shit jobs don't they?

One of the suggestions is to blog about World Toilet Day, and that's exactly what I'm doing, so I'm going to suggest at 6.00pm GMT, we all go for a pee, then the question is "to flush or not to flush" - I'll leave that one over to you!

I won't ask for photos, unlike the World Toilet Day website itself, I don't think I could cope with all that crap, I spout enough on here everyday!

Incidentally, I love one of the links on the website, which is to a site called Give A Shit, which features an article about a man who went on a quest in 2006, to find the best views from toilets!! Here is one of his pictures!!!

So, let me know your thoughts on World Toilet Day, will it all go down the pan, or will it attract some floaters?


  1. Jeff glad you didn't flush this one, blank yesterday and full of it today, go figure

  2. Holy Crap Batman! Does this day also include cat boxes?