Friday, 30 October 2009

Orange lights in the sky!

Well there was some funny goings on over our city the other night...

There I was tucking into my tea, when the wife - who was on the phone at the time by the patio door, called me and pointed to the sky - so I looked up and saw a massive looking orange light, with a flame trailing behind it!

I didn't know what to feel at the time - excited, concerned, anxious, I just wasn't sure.

All things crossed my mind in that split second, from the glaringly obvious, it may be just a small plane, to the blindingly ridiculous in that it could be ET on the way back from wherever he came from!

Anyway, I started to rule them out one by one... although one of the possibles included a plane on fire, and falling slowly, that freaked me out, and started thinking back to things like the first episode of Lost, and things like a repeat of Lockerbie, as it was difficult to tell where this thing was going to end up.

Thankfully it seemed to go smaller, then slow down, and go in a different direction, so I ruled out the crashing plane scenario thankfully - but the fact remained that I didn't have a clue what the hell it was!

Anyway, it drifted off into somewhere as the light finally disappeared, could I really have just seen a UFO, I sort of hoped I had, as the wife saw it too, but then thinking ahead, we'd need to see if anyone else had seen it!

So, onto the forums I went, and lo and behold someone had seen it, and broke the trains of thought going through my head that I may be the next David Icke, when they told me what it was...

Chinese Lanterns.

Yep, chinese lanters, I hadn't even heard of these things, and rather bizarrely, I went to the supermarket half an hour later and amazingly they had some of these things in their halloween corner, and loads of people were buying them having just seen this in the sky.

So, my hopes/worries of seeing aliens coming to earth was over!

Now though, I'm a proud owner of 2 chinese lanterns, and will be having some fun with those over halloween, and maybe too on Bonfire Night!

Wednesday, 28 October 2009

When is a robot not a robot?

The answer to the above question is when you see this:

I started watching that and couldn't believe my eyes, I'm used to seeing things like C3PO or R2-D2 in the movies, but this is something else, in fact it's nearly human!

Just look at the way the little robot nods his head to the instruction received, as though he's human - incredible!!

Watching that makes me realise just how the future could look with plenty of these things taking over the world, Terminator style!

Imagine your own little family robot that would sort out the washing up (for those of us who don't have dishwashers), or even getting them to wash the car, cook the dinner, and bring a can of beer in from the fridge for you - oh that last one has just sold me, they got any on ebay yet????

I can just see it now, ten years time, the top selling Christmas present is this little fella - he is a little dude isn't he?

Come to think of it, it may not even take that long to arrive in the shops!!!

Finally today, just a quick thanks to everyone for following my Daily Banksy blog - I've made it to the half century mark, and to celebrate, I'd like to offer everyone a vitual drink on the house, so choose your drink, away you go, and enjoy!

As promised the other day, whoever would be the 50th follower will get a special gift, and that is a link to your blog form the top right of the Blog throughout the whole of November - so thanks for joining Sabulous!!!

Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Feeling guilty over keeping up with Followers

I had a bit of a guilt trip earlier, as I've committed to following a lot of blogs as I found them all really good to read, but lately, my time has been taken up with other things going on, so I've felt a bit guilty of late of not keeping up with those other Blogs.

Having read a few just now, I have to say I'm seriously considering just having one day a week reading other blogs, there is so much quality out there - lots of them should be money making they are that funny - what are your thoughts, do you ever spend too much time blogging, and not enough reading, or is it the other way round?

Just a short one today, as my lunch hour has over extended a little whilst reading & commenting on other blogs!

Monday, 26 October 2009

A two hour lunch break for all please!

Lunch hours – one hour is never enough!

That’s it – I think I’m going to start a new campaign to have a 2 hour lunch!!!


Well, today I planned a rare journey into my City on the bus, the one provided by work, however, thanks to some roadworks that were taking place nearby, the bus ended up sitting static in traffic, and taking twenty five minutes to get into the heart of my City, which is normally a five minute journey.

The return journey would then leave just twenty minutes later from the point of drop off, so it left me with twenty minutes to do what I needed to do, which by the way was call in at the bank. What I didn’t budget for was a king sized queue of people to get through, and constant checks of the watch were the order of the day!

Anyway, with about five minutes before the bus was due to collect people to take them back to work, I finally got to the counter, and service provided, and then out, but before I went I got asked if I wanted insurance, you know that type of stuff, where they try to reel you in, just before you go out the door!

I openly said I’ve a bus to catch, but the questions still kept on coming, worse still, they still had hold of my card before I could leave promptly, so that probably added another 30 seconds to my time in the bank.

From there, it was a hot footed run to catch the bus, which I’d just seen going round the corner up ahead of me, but despite some valiant efforts that Usain Bolt would be proud of, the bus pulled away before I got the chance to flag it down.

So, I’d missed the bus back to work, I certainly wasn’t going to get a taxi that’s for sure, and so I had to wait for the next one an hour later – meaning I’d had a two hour lunch – I’d have to work that hour back – and it was all thanks to that lady in the bank asking me those extra questions that delayed me – the only good thing was that her delaying tactics now meant that I’d have to get a McDonalds, complete with a large Strawberry milkshake!!

But I do think we should all have a two hour lunch still!!

Thursday, 22 October 2009

James Bond veteran dies... Goodbye Dr No.

Just reading some sad news that the actor, Joseph Wiseman, who played the very first James Bond baddie, Dr No, has died at the age of 91.

It was in 1962 that the first Bond film was released, and began an amazing sequence of films for the 007 character, played by Sean Connery in the first film, and then a succession of different actors followed, including the legendary Roger Moore.

I do love the Bond films though, it's something I grew up with, and really enjoyed as a kid, always wanting the Lotus that used to go underwater, I did have the toy (ah bless), and also a James Bond watch that played the Bond theme tune when the alarm went off - classic hey?

My favourite Bond films have to be:

No 1 - Live & Let Die
No 2 - Goldeneye
No 3 - A View to a Kill

The characters in all of the Bond films are just pure classic, the likes of Jaws, Blofeld, the one played by Grace Jones, and the fantastically named Pussy Galore!

The theme tune to Live & Let Die has also got to be amongst the best ever too, with Duran Duran's A View to a Kill coming a close second!

Everyone has their choice of best Bond actor, but as I grew up watching Roger Moore in the character, I'd have to go for that one!

Anyone else like the Bond films?

Wednesday, 21 October 2009

You're more likely to die getting hit by a bus...In Russia it's almost true!

Fresh from a couple of news stories recently, where a young boy was allegedly (at the time) in a balloon flying across the skies of the US, and the story from Australia the other day where a baby survived a near death experience after toppling onto a rail way track and being dragged 35 metres by an incoming train, well this time, it's Russia's turn for a miracle story...

Some of you may have seen this footage already, but for those who haven't (and I suppose for those who have), it's simply staggering how the man going across the pedestrian crossing survives what should have been instant death, but somehow his quick reactions meant he was inches away from being bulldozed by a runaway bus, that smashed into the back of an unsuspecting car at the traffic lights.

Imagine what was going through the various people's minds at the time:

Firstly, the Driver of the bus - Shiiiiii.... or whatever they swear in Russian - the driver must have been thinking his time was up when he found that his brakes were not working whilst going at 40mph and heading towards a red light, but worse still with a car in front of him that he was about to smash.

Secondly, the Driver of the Car about to be wrecked - I doubt that the person driving this truck would have seen the speed of the bus behind him via the rear view mirror in the car, and would surely not have had enough time to get out of the car when they did eventually see it.

Thirdly, the bloke walking over the crossing - at the time just a normal crossing to conquer but with the lights in his favour, then all of a sudden, half way across he'll have seen the bus travelling at speed, then knowing the thing wasn't going to slow down, so he just did his Usain Bolt impression and legged it, somehow missing the car that had been smashed forward, and in turn missed being pummelled by the front of the bus that had changed its angle closer to the bloke!

One of the most dramatic videos, and the second part shows the next stage, where it had gone through the lights, and then mounted a kerb, and through a wall, coming to a halt. Amazingly, 19 cars were smashed up by the out of control bus on it's way to its final destination!

It's a miracle that no-one was killed in this incident, you'd have been looking around for Keanu Reeves after all that happened that's for sure!

Unfortunately it also leave a slight dent in the hopes of the leaders of the world aiming to get people to use public transport, heh, I've tried that already for a day and look where that got me!

So, message to all bus drivers, check your brakes before you leave the bus depot!


Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Supersize my TV! (but lose that remote control!)

Just read through a news report that California is cracking down on big flat screen tv's because of energy usage, which raised the question from the BBC has the super-size TV set become an object of vulgarity?

I can remember the day when we had a medium sized tv in the front room, and shockingly you had to get up to turn the tv volume up or down, and the same to change the channel - I dread to think what the reaction would be if you had to do that today, mind you I think it could catch on...

"World Get Up Off Your Arse To Turn The TV Over Day"

Yes, I can see it now, people all over the globe risking life and limb to get up off their plush leather sofas and have to brave the old way once again, you know, it may just be the only exercise some people get, remember this video?


So, I urge everyone to dump your remotes for the day, get a bit of "Get up & Go" in to your life, and feel the need to change the channel with your bare hands, not with the remote control!!

As for the original question, I have to say I quite like the modern design, I think they look rather cool, I don't necessarily think they are too big, but maybe some do take it too far!

I have a 37 incher in our front room, calm down, I'm talking about the TV, and nothing else - I wish!!

That size is adequate enough for me, although it's a bit on the thin side!

Monday, 19 October 2009

Miracle baby survives after train hits pram

On today’s blog I’m going to talk about the miracle baby that somehow avoided instant death when the pram the baby was in, rolled off the platform on to the track, in Melbourne, Australia.

As you will see from the footage, it’s absolutely incredible that the six month old baby survived, after what appears to be an instant fatality, and the worst possible timing, with the oncoming train arriving.

You can see the lady pulling her trousers up and lets go of the pram for one second, and that was enough for it to suddenly make its way to the edge of the platform, and fly off the edge throwing the baby in front of the train.

The baby actually got dragged 35 metres, and yet somehow, miraculously only sustained a cut on his forehead, but it was also perhaps fortunate that the lady appears to slip when she suddenly realizes what’s happening, as if she hadn’t it’s entirely possible that she would have jumped in front of the train to rescue the baby, but the slip possibly prevented that from happening.

You have to feel sorry for the train driver, who will quite possibly be the worst one affected by this incident, as he will undoubtedly get flashbacks whenever he is pulling in by a platform.

The mother will obviously never ever let go of that pram whilst she has it, mind you the manufacturers will probably end up selling loads of them based on the baby’s survival thanks to the fact that the strap probably saved the little one’s life.
One of the most amazing stories of survival that one.

Friday, 16 October 2009

Boy & the Balloon

Well that was one hell of a story that was being made yesterday, when the world was led to believe that there was a possibility that a 6 year old boy was stuck in an out of control air balloon racing through the skies.

The question of course, after the frantic worry, and genuine worldwide concern for the youngster, is was it all a hoax?

Considering in the interview after the 6 year old was found in the attic, the young boy was quoted as saying "we did this for a show", it all seems as though it was a hoax, I guess there will be no way of finding out, but the parents should be well and truly ashamed if it was a way of getting the news onto them, having been on Wife Swap, maybe they enjoyed the attention that much they thought this would go down well too.

Being in the UK, I've not seen the Wife Swap programme that featured the couple, so I can only guess as to what the people are actually like, but if I was to play Devils advocate for a moment, then maybe the parents should be left alone whilst they deal with their rollercoaster ride emotions.

Of course, leaving the Devil behind, it does seem as though it's a hoax, and if they cared that much surely they would have kept him away from answering any questions - he's a 6 year old for ****'s sake and should be given more privacy than that!

So, what should happen now with the parents?

There will be calls for the couple to be charged for the full scale police operation, added to the emergency services being ready for any subsequent death or injury that may have prevailed, but how can it be proved that this was a hoax?

It's a difficult one this, but I really can't see how it can be proved...

Coming from a different angle now, imagine seeing that in the skies fom a distance, you'd think that was clearly a UFO, how many balloons do you see like that???

I'd have been on the phone to the UFO police straight away!!!

Thursday, 15 October 2009

The world's ugliest...building

Just been reading a bit of news about a hotel in North Korea, that has been dubbed "the worst building in the history of mankind", and also labelled as "The Hotel of Doom" and "The Phantom Hotel".

What's the reason behind the name?

Well, apparently work started on the hotel in 1987, yes, that's right, 22 years ago, and it is still not open to the public to stay in, after North Korea's economy nosedived, and the hotel, situated in the capital Pyongyang, was a victim of cut backs, and work ceased on the project.

Looking from afar, it is a massive construction, with a pyramind shape to it, and at the summit of athe hotel, where you can currently see the crane, will be a revolving restaurant!

The Ryugyong Hotel, it's official title, is possibly scheduled to be opened in 2012, just 25 years then after work started on it, as a 100 year anniversary of the birth of Kim Il Sung, who was North Korea's "Eternal president" and father of the current president, and resided in power for 46 years before his death in 1994.

So, work has re-started then on what will be an ugly but fascinating landmark, which begs the question what other landmarks, would you describe as ugly?

There are a few in the UK, the most notable I can think of is the Angel of the North, which is based just south of Newcastle, in North East England, the idea was great, but the actual production, not so great, as you'll see from the picture.

Another ugly one is the O2 Arena, in London, which was originally built as the Millenium Dome, to house an education facility, but that went horribly wrong, and all of a sudden £800m had been spent on a pink elephant it seemed. But then along came O2 to liven the place up and turn it into a concert venue.

Just up the road is the Gherkin building which houses financial companies, looks just like a see through rocket, but doesn't half stand out, it has won awards since it was constructed, but whether it looks right in amongst London's historic venues is open to debate.

If you are reading this please feel free to list some pictures in your comments of some ugly buildings near you, or in your country!

Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Can you live without the internet?

A survey published today, has shown that 75% of 16 to 24 year olds couldn't live without the internet, and also found that four out of five people used the web to look for advice.

If you think about it, this is a shocking statistic.

In my youthful days, there was no internet to rely on, and you had to actually bury your head in books, speak to people, or find out out via other methods on how to do things.

Maybe it's a measure of how much the internet has taken over life in general.. Almost everyone has a computer with access to the internet these days, and spend at least one hour a day on it - hell, that's what I'm doing right now!!

I'm not saying that the internet is a bad thing - far from it - as it is certainly a great avenue to explore, if you do need advice on things that happen in life, but it does perhaps represent the lack of conversations that take place around households these days.

I know that in my house, we are victims of, it, as my wife will play the games on the internet, and when she isn't doing that I'll be scouring the net for info or blogging, just like I am now!!

I just find it sad that something can dominate your life so much that you can't do without it, so the question then maybe becomes "is the Internet an addiction"?

It's an interesting thought.

Anyway, ended up a bit serious there, so let's finish off with...

What else could you not do without in life, besides food & drink of course!

Sport? Your car? a TV? Porn?

Note to the wife: Just asking the question, no need to go routing!!!

Tuesday, 13 October 2009

The Cooker wins the battle

So, a second crack I gave it, but in the end nothing changed, and so I had to concede defeat against the cooker, despite throwing it around the kitchen just to try one final time to shake it into action, but all that came of that was a near crack of the tiles on the floor, which would of course have added to the cost.

Knowing that there was a costing of £109 just around the corner, the wife and I decided to head out and go and check out some more cookers, we may as well buy a new one rather than fork out just £50 less to have someone come round, and you can imagine that we'd be sitting in all day waiting on their arrival, so a new cooker I think it will be!

Why are household essentials such a stress though, in my time at the house, we've had problems with the central heating, water, electric, tumble dryer, washing machine, fridge, sofas, shower, taps, and now the cooker. In fact all that's left is the TV & satellite - god help me if I lose that!!!

Why are things so prone to going wrong though?

Why does it always cost an arm & a leg?

It's always the items that are "not covered under the insurance" isn't it???

Insurance - there's another one, need to get the Home Insurance sorted out by tomorrow, looks like I'll be making use of one of my other blogs here, on how to make money from cashback sites, and trust me, it really works, if you don't know much about it all, read up on it via the blog, and you can make a bit of money - especially when it comes to Insurance!

So, back to the cooker, last night's exciting meal was a Rustlers burger, yes a 100 second microwave jobbie, that's all I had last night, tonight's exciting blend is mash and ..... errrr..... ummmm.....ahhhhh, okay I'll come back to you on that.

Monday, 12 October 2009

Cookers - don't you just hate them!?!

So there we were yesterday, fresh from a night on the old wine watching a good night of tv & film, and a large lie in on a Sunday morning - it has to be done, when you are up at 5.30am each weekday, and rambling around for a couple of hours deciding what to do for the afternoon.

We decided to have a nice roast dinner, mmmm, lots of roast spuds, and some nice chicken to go with it, so up to Tescos I went (in the scruffs of course) and got some yorkshires to go with it, as well as some extras to throw in to the oven.

When I got back the potatoes were peeled, the veg was in the pan ready, and here I was to help with the chicken & stuff. So, here we go then...

Switched the oven on - nothing.

Not even a light - nothing.

Checked the fuse box by the door, all good, but still nothing happening as far as the oven is concerned.


So, out came the electric oven from it's slot, and then my impression of a surgical electrican began - now I am useless with home stuff, but never mind, this was dinner we are talking about - so instructed the wife to flick the 'lecky' off, and then...screwdriver - check, ahh that's all I needed.

So, off to work on the plug, ripped open with furiousity (is that a word? if it isn't, it is now) and then popped out the fuse (in a Homer Simpson "Why you little" type way), and then realised that we had no others to replace it with - D'oh!!!

So, off to B&Q I went to buy a set of fuses, it probably cost me more in diesel to get there & back than it was to buy the fuse pack, still it had to be done, and so back again, strutting through to the kitchen with the new fuse pack in hand.

In goes the fuse, back on goes the plug, into the socket it goes, here it comes, on goes the switch on the socket, and on goes on the oven!!

Only it didn't - absolutely nothing again.

More than gutted now.

So, it looks as though I have lost the battle to get it working, and whilst consoling the wife that the oven is not worth the worry, it's time to think of an alternative for dinner, and this is where the brains of the operation, the wife, came in.

She got started on the frying pan with the chicken, and other goodies, whilst getting the spuds on and having mash instead of roasties - it was a poor second choice bearing in mind the fantastic roasties that the wife makes, but that's what we had to make do with.

So, looked up the recipt for the cooker that we bought four years ago, and to my surprise we had a five year parts guarantee on it, great I thought, we're covered - images of street celebrations ran through my head, you know that one where you get the parade with the man with big cymbals threashing away.

On the phone I went to them this morning, and they said yes you're covered for parts, but you'll have to pay us £109 to come out to you!!



The thing was only bought for £170 four years ago.

So, that's it, I'm giving it a second crack tonight.

Stay tuned for the next exciting instalment of "Banksy messes up the electrics" which will appear here tomorrow live and direct on The Daily Banksy.

Friday, 9 October 2009

How patriotic are you?

Well I'm still not feeling the best today, and struggling to get the creative blog ideas running through my head, so I'll take one that was in my head recently, and that is based around patriotism.

Now, it's my view that Americans are more patriotic than the Brits, even though I consider myself to be proud of my country, and display my St George Flag at every available opportunity, on my desk at work, in the car during the football championships & qualifiers, and of course on St George's Day which falls on April 23rd each year.

It does annoy me however, that that day is not celebrated moreso, as it's an important day in the English calendar, but there is no national holiday, no big celebrations, only what seems a limited amount of celebrating, but every year on April 23rd, I will lift a pint to St George.

Whilst in America, it seems that you love your country, or at least on the face of it you do. I'm sure are the the usual niggles behind problems that you all face, and decisions that are made by your government and people in power in general, but when called to show support for your nation, it always seems very colo(u)rful from over here.

Even to the point of seeing your national anthems being sung before every baseball game, if that was to be suggested over here, before every football (soccer) game, the idea would be laughed out of the stadium.

So, the question here is, are the US more patriotic than the Brits?

Come on Brits, your time to defend our nation!

Thursday, 8 October 2009

Now I've got Man-Flu - it's so depressing!

That's right, last night, my world collapsed, I've caught a bug. =(

I've managed to avoid it thoughout all previous 9 months of the year, but now fresh from the breaking news of the snoring, comes another distressing sequence of events.

During yesterday afternoon I could sense that something was on the way, thanks to a sore throat, with a bit of a headache attached, but I put it down to maybe lack of food as maybe a Twix bar doesn't constitute a decent lunch to some!!!

So, I made myself some pasta & chicken, but that didn't work, in fact it swung the other way, and I started to feel worse, and whilst doing some more of college coursework I noticed the throat getting worse, the head pounding, and the nose deciding to attempt an impression of Niagra Falls - sorry, that was a bit graphic - anyway I'm sure you get where I'm coming from.

So, onto the lemsips & beechams, and a bit of sudafed thrown in for good measure, so much in fact that I felt high as a kite last night, I'm not even sure if I was snoring either - I'll have to ask the wife tonight.

One sneeze this morning, and that was it, the start of an epidemic in the Banks household, yep, this was not good, and the thoughts of time off work were creeping into my head - which would be welcomed, but I knew I'd end up having to catch up with stuff, so got ready, up and out to work.

Now, sitting next to someone who is constantly sneezing & sniffing all day doesn't exactly appear to be appealing does it, but then the person who sits next to me has it too, so he knows what I'm going through - it's all his fault!!

We're actually sharing blackcurrant Tunes, and both consoling each other that we have the worst kind of illness imaginable to man - it is of course known as Man-Flu, never mind Swine Flu, Bird Flu, or Certain Death Flu, this is just beyond all that!

I'm sure all you fellas can relate to what I'm on about, and have a look at this video, it really sums everything up!!

Right, sympathy please.

Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Oh my god, I've started snoring!!

At the age of 36, it's finally caught up with me...I've started to snore!

I thought I was going to get away with it, as I guess so did Mrs B, who has been constantly digging me in the back, nudging me, trying to roll me over, and god knows what else to try and shut me up throughout the night.

She has even threatened to shove two fingers up my arse if I keep on snoring, so now, I've got myself on tenterhooks, trying to listen out for my snoring issue returning, so I can quickly roll over and avoid the arse invasion!

Trouble is by turning over, I may just experience a similar kind of pain on my manbits, jeez, it doesn't bear thinking about what may happen if she carries out the threat with just one snore!

I even woke myself up snoring the other night, any fellas reading this will know what I'm on about if they have the same problem, it's as though someone is tugging away in there somewhere to affect your breathing!

So, I've been told to do something about it, what can I do, I need help here??

I've thought about one of those plaster over the nose jobbies, but do they work, is there any medicine I can take, should I just accept the inevitable, and start making a bed up in the spare room???

I need advice here folks, before I get a shock down below!!!

Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Happy Central Heating Day

Well if I'd have spotted this sooner I'd be saying just that, but in actual fact, last Thursday was known as Central Heating Day, so belated wishes to you for that!

What's it all about?

Well apparently, October 1st is the day when most people tend to switch their heating back on in their house, after the Summer has officially passed.

Not too sure how that fits in with the rest of the world, but in the Uk it does tend to get colder in October, and sometimes even September, but in 2009, we've been treated to a mild September, so the heating has well and truly stayed off this time around.

In fact due to the high charges for the bills - our Quarterly bill tends to work out at £200 - this time round, we've been either putting more clothes on if we got cold, or the wife would get the hair dryer treatment - don't worry, it's not a torture device, in fact I'm sure you women readers will know exactly where she's coming from on this one!

We haven't had the heating back on yet, as we're trying to go as long as possible without it, I'll soon be complaining that it's too hot what with the heating on, but the wife and I are total opposites, she feels the cold, whereas I feel the heat, it's like living in the Carribean during winter in our house!!!

Anyway, is there anyone else out there who refrains from using the heating until such a point you spot icicles on your wotsits?

Monday, 5 October 2009

What's the most bizzare thing you've ever seen?

There was a story which raised a smile to my face the other day in the UK, and it was provided courtesy of BBC TV's Top Gear, who for anyone who doesn't know, is a programme aired in the UK where they have the latest cars, look back at classic cars, even test drive brand newies, or even have a celebrity do a lap of a racetrack.

It's even seen one of the presenters nearly die when he reached speeds of 300mph whilst in a dragster syled car on an airfield in the UK, but instead, ended up in a serious condition where he almost lost his life, but still returned to the programme to carry on re-testing cars!

The presenters on the programme have also tried to drive their way across the English Channel before now too, amongst one of the busiest shipping lanes in the world!

Anyway, the thing that made me laugh was not that, or the earlier crash, but instead, James May, a fellow presenter of the programme, crash landing an airship with a caravan attached underneath - what a sight that must have been!!

Apparently the thing was supposed to come down in the middle of a cricket pitch, but instead, got blew off course, and ended up in a farmers field, as you can see from the picture above!!

It prompted me to think of bizarre things seen, anyone else got any weird and funny ones out there?

Friday, 2 October 2009

Would you say hello to an Alien?

Just reading a story about how a Space Observatory have gained a remarkable view of our galaxy, if you’re interested, then click this link after you’ve finished reading the post.

It all got me thinking about Aliens and things, and just say if aliens did come to Earth tomorrow would you bottle it and run for your life – or would you go up to one and offer the hand of friendship.

Granted that hand may not be on the end of your arm for very much longer, or you could be the person who changes the world forever, as we meet and greet those “little green men” or whatever shape or form they come in.

What do you really think they look like?

Something out of War of the Worlds maybe? You know huge tripod machines controlled by weird little creatures, or do you think they resemble beings like that in films like Mars Attacks – how funny is that film – or even just like us humans?
It’s the great unknown that makes this a fascinating subject, and one which I could probably write about for years on end, but I won’t!

Thanks to JW, Jenno, and Charlene for their kind words of help & advice for my “life threatening headache” the other day, you’ll be glad to know I pulled through!