Wednesday, 21 October 2009

You're more likely to die getting hit by a bus...In Russia it's almost true!

Fresh from a couple of news stories recently, where a young boy was allegedly (at the time) in a balloon flying across the skies of the US, and the story from Australia the other day where a baby survived a near death experience after toppling onto a rail way track and being dragged 35 metres by an incoming train, well this time, it's Russia's turn for a miracle story...

Some of you may have seen this footage already, but for those who haven't (and I suppose for those who have), it's simply staggering how the man going across the pedestrian crossing survives what should have been instant death, but somehow his quick reactions meant he was inches away from being bulldozed by a runaway bus, that smashed into the back of an unsuspecting car at the traffic lights.

Imagine what was going through the various people's minds at the time:

Firstly, the Driver of the bus - Shiiiiii.... or whatever they swear in Russian - the driver must have been thinking his time was up when he found that his brakes were not working whilst going at 40mph and heading towards a red light, but worse still with a car in front of him that he was about to smash.

Secondly, the Driver of the Car about to be wrecked - I doubt that the person driving this truck would have seen the speed of the bus behind him via the rear view mirror in the car, and would surely not have had enough time to get out of the car when they did eventually see it.

Thirdly, the bloke walking over the crossing - at the time just a normal crossing to conquer but with the lights in his favour, then all of a sudden, half way across he'll have seen the bus travelling at speed, then knowing the thing wasn't going to slow down, so he just did his Usain Bolt impression and legged it, somehow missing the car that had been smashed forward, and in turn missed being pummelled by the front of the bus that had changed its angle closer to the bloke!

One of the most dramatic videos, and the second part shows the next stage, where it had gone through the lights, and then mounted a kerb, and through a wall, coming to a halt. Amazingly, 19 cars were smashed up by the out of control bus on it's way to its final destination!

It's a miracle that no-one was killed in this incident, you'd have been looking around for Keanu Reeves after all that happened that's for sure!

Unfortunately it also leave a slight dent in the hopes of the leaders of the world aiming to get people to use public transport, heh, I've tried that already for a day and look where that got me!

So, message to all bus drivers, check your brakes before you leave the bus depot!



  1. see man, im almost safe here hiding in my concrete bunker(basement)
    Im never going out there again. Like Ive said time an again.. You people are all sane!

  2. Wow. That video was impressive. I just can't believe that man had such good reflexes!
    I liked the commentary on what the bus driver, car driver, and gentleman crossing the street were thinking. Funny stuff.