Friday, 30 October 2009

Orange lights in the sky!

Well there was some funny goings on over our city the other night...

There I was tucking into my tea, when the wife - who was on the phone at the time by the patio door, called me and pointed to the sky - so I looked up and saw a massive looking orange light, with a flame trailing behind it!

I didn't know what to feel at the time - excited, concerned, anxious, I just wasn't sure.

All things crossed my mind in that split second, from the glaringly obvious, it may be just a small plane, to the blindingly ridiculous in that it could be ET on the way back from wherever he came from!

Anyway, I started to rule them out one by one... although one of the possibles included a plane on fire, and falling slowly, that freaked me out, and started thinking back to things like the first episode of Lost, and things like a repeat of Lockerbie, as it was difficult to tell where this thing was going to end up.

Thankfully it seemed to go smaller, then slow down, and go in a different direction, so I ruled out the crashing plane scenario thankfully - but the fact remained that I didn't have a clue what the hell it was!

Anyway, it drifted off into somewhere as the light finally disappeared, could I really have just seen a UFO, I sort of hoped I had, as the wife saw it too, but then thinking ahead, we'd need to see if anyone else had seen it!

So, onto the forums I went, and lo and behold someone had seen it, and broke the trains of thought going through my head that I may be the next David Icke, when they told me what it was...

Chinese Lanterns.

Yep, chinese lanters, I hadn't even heard of these things, and rather bizarrely, I went to the supermarket half an hour later and amazingly they had some of these things in their halloween corner, and loads of people were buying them having just seen this in the sky.

So, my hopes/worries of seeing aliens coming to earth was over!

Now though, I'm a proud owner of 2 chinese lanterns, and will be having some fun with those over halloween, and maybe too on Bonfire Night!


  1. Great! Now I'm gonna run out today and buy chinese lanterns! :)

  2. Chinese lanterns, I remember playing with them when I was a kid; it was fun :D.