Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Oh my god, I've started snoring!!

At the age of 36, it's finally caught up with me...I've started to snore!

I thought I was going to get away with it, as I guess so did Mrs B, who has been constantly digging me in the back, nudging me, trying to roll me over, and god knows what else to try and shut me up throughout the night.

She has even threatened to shove two fingers up my arse if I keep on snoring, so now, I've got myself on tenterhooks, trying to listen out for my snoring issue returning, so I can quickly roll over and avoid the arse invasion!

Trouble is by turning over, I may just experience a similar kind of pain on my manbits, jeez, it doesn't bear thinking about what may happen if she carries out the threat with just one snore!

I even woke myself up snoring the other night, any fellas reading this will know what I'm on about if they have the same problem, it's as though someone is tugging away in there somewhere to affect your breathing!

So, I've been told to do something about it, what can I do, I need help here??

I've thought about one of those plaster over the nose jobbies, but do they work, is there any medicine I can take, should I just accept the inevitable, and start making a bed up in the spare room???

I need advice here folks, before I get a shock down below!!!


  1. Jeff,
    snorin ain't thet bad unles it gits real loud, you can always use the snore bag thing. it's kinda like a feed bag for horses, it don't werk for me but it looks good on.

  2. You can't give up the right to sleep next to your lady wife. Do some research and get it sorted. If you end up in the spare room gone will be the days where the missus gives you a cheeky tap on the shoulder in the middle of the night wanting some late night lovin! Get it sorted, if not through fear of being anally invaded then do it for your penis!!

  3. Those plaster jobbies for the nose do next to nothing, at least if the snoring is really bad. Snoring can be caused by stress, so that might be the culprit, especially if you've managed to not snore at all until now.

    Hope she at least uses some lube. :)

  4. Jeff you really do have an award waiting at

  5. Thanks Bob!!!

    Just caught up with that alert!!!

  6. Aha. It seems it was likely a pre-symptom of your sinuses clogging up with the man-flu! I bet it'll pass.