Friday, 2 October 2009

Would you say hello to an Alien?

Just reading a story about how a Space Observatory have gained a remarkable view of our galaxy, if you’re interested, then click this link after you’ve finished reading the post.

It all got me thinking about Aliens and things, and just say if aliens did come to Earth tomorrow would you bottle it and run for your life – or would you go up to one and offer the hand of friendship.

Granted that hand may not be on the end of your arm for very much longer, or you could be the person who changes the world forever, as we meet and greet those “little green men” or whatever shape or form they come in.

What do you really think they look like?

Something out of War of the Worlds maybe? You know huge tripod machines controlled by weird little creatures, or do you think they resemble beings like that in films like Mars Attacks – how funny is that film – or even just like us humans?
It’s the great unknown that makes this a fascinating subject, and one which I could probably write about for years on end, but I won’t!

Thanks to JW, Jenno, and Charlene for their kind words of help & advice for my “life threatening headache” the other day, you’ll be glad to know I pulled through!


  1. Depends. If they look like the aliens in Toy Story I'd probably shake there antenna but if they look like the aliens from Mars Attacks I'd probably give them my cats a as a welcome gift and make a run for it.

  2. I wonder do aliens get head aches?
    I think aliens must look like bankers and lawyers. I know those guys talk like aliens, act like aliens, hell even walk like aliens. and they are always zapping you with sumthin out of this world. Of course I would talk to them, I talk to ever one. Then I would ask for a loan and legal advice.