Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Happy Central Heating Day

Well if I'd have spotted this sooner I'd be saying just that, but in actual fact, last Thursday was known as Central Heating Day, so belated wishes to you for that!

What's it all about?

Well apparently, October 1st is the day when most people tend to switch their heating back on in their house, after the Summer has officially passed.

Not too sure how that fits in with the rest of the world, but in the Uk it does tend to get colder in October, and sometimes even September, but in 2009, we've been treated to a mild September, so the heating has well and truly stayed off this time around.

In fact due to the high charges for the bills - our Quarterly bill tends to work out at £200 - this time round, we've been either putting more clothes on if we got cold, or the wife would get the hair dryer treatment - don't worry, it's not a torture device, in fact I'm sure you women readers will know exactly where she's coming from on this one!

We haven't had the heating back on yet, as we're trying to go as long as possible without it, I'll soon be complaining that it's too hot what with the heating on, but the wife and I are total opposites, she feels the cold, whereas I feel the heat, it's like living in the Carribean during winter in our house!!!

Anyway, is there anyone else out there who refrains from using the heating until such a point you spot icicles on your wotsits?


  1. jeff,
    it hardly ever gets real cold here in these parts, but I know what you mean, let em hang meat, and save the fridge.

  2. We'll get the fireplace going here but thats not usually until November. Then I'll spent the rest of the evening with a super soaker next to me because some four legged fart keeps trying to knock the screen down and get to the fire.