Wednesday, 28 October 2009

When is a robot not a robot?

The answer to the above question is when you see this:

I started watching that and couldn't believe my eyes, I'm used to seeing things like C3PO or R2-D2 in the movies, but this is something else, in fact it's nearly human!

Just look at the way the little robot nods his head to the instruction received, as though he's human - incredible!!

Watching that makes me realise just how the future could look with plenty of these things taking over the world, Terminator style!

Imagine your own little family robot that would sort out the washing up (for those of us who don't have dishwashers), or even getting them to wash the car, cook the dinner, and bring a can of beer in from the fridge for you - oh that last one has just sold me, they got any on ebay yet????

I can just see it now, ten years time, the top selling Christmas present is this little fella - he is a little dude isn't he?

Come to think of it, it may not even take that long to arrive in the shops!!!

Finally today, just a quick thanks to everyone for following my Daily Banksy blog - I've made it to the half century mark, and to celebrate, I'd like to offer everyone a vitual drink on the house, so choose your drink, away you go, and enjoy!

As promised the other day, whoever would be the 50th follower will get a special gift, and that is a link to your blog form the top right of the Blog throughout the whole of November - so thanks for joining Sabulous!!!


  1. That thing moves just like a little kid! That was so cool. I don't believe it is going to take ten years, I give it 5 years to become the number 1 christmas item

  2. I want one......where can I get one???
    then I REALLY have no need for a husband! ha ha

    and GREAT idea about the 50th follower. I'm at 46 and can't seem to pick up anyone else.
    I might just copy your idea and see if I can raise it to 50! =)

    Have a great day!
    TAmi G

  3. Bloody incredible... but how long before his answers become, "I'm sorry I can't let you do that!"

    Scary stuff


  4. thats by far the cooleest little dude ever!
    I saw a female bot months ago with sensors everywhere below the skin, , the guy ouched her arm and she asked why, then he squeezed it, she said ouch that hurt why did you do that. Then ofc he grabbed her boob, to which she flailed her her and sort of yelled at him, thats assault and shit, it was funny as hell but creepy too. Not in the sex way, just the reactions. But this little guy awesome. but my statement still stands, make him a her :D

  5. technology could get dangerous. i think robots could try to take over the world :0