Friday, 9 October 2009

How patriotic are you?

Well I'm still not feeling the best today, and struggling to get the creative blog ideas running through my head, so I'll take one that was in my head recently, and that is based around patriotism.

Now, it's my view that Americans are more patriotic than the Brits, even though I consider myself to be proud of my country, and display my St George Flag at every available opportunity, on my desk at work, in the car during the football championships & qualifiers, and of course on St George's Day which falls on April 23rd each year.

It does annoy me however, that that day is not celebrated moreso, as it's an important day in the English calendar, but there is no national holiday, no big celebrations, only what seems a limited amount of celebrating, but every year on April 23rd, I will lift a pint to St George.

Whilst in America, it seems that you love your country, or at least on the face of it you do. I'm sure are the the usual niggles behind problems that you all face, and decisions that are made by your government and people in power in general, but when called to show support for your nation, it always seems very colo(u)rful from over here.

Even to the point of seeing your national anthems being sung before every baseball game, if that was to be suggested over here, before every football (soccer) game, the idea would be laughed out of the stadium.

So, the question here is, are the US more patriotic than the Brits?

Come on Brits, your time to defend our nation!


  1. You wouldn't believe, but you are actually saying words straight out of my mind..

    Of course the Americans are patriotic. I have the same views that majority of it is fake to a point. There's no way that they couldn't see their own flaws, but they just turn a blind eye.

    Of course, not everyone, I have a lot of great American friends. Just the vast majority.

    I've never heard of St George Day..but we have ANZAC day over here. The only real time we sing the Aussie anthem. That and before the Australia Rugby Union games.

    Australia supports you :).


  2. In Brazil the patriotism is high as well. National Anthem before football games, particularly strong at international games all SA countries are like this.

    BTW, back again Banksy, got pc probs sorted.


  3. Thanks Charli, good to know that the Aussies are behind us, and AV, great to have you back!

  4. I am proud to be an American. Are we perfect? Oh hell no. Do we ignore our flaws? Probably the people you see on your TV do but not most Americans. Does being proud to be an American make me think I'm better than you. Not in the least. You should be proud of where you come from. It's part of you. The Good and the Bad, I'm proud to be an American. And you should be proud of where you come from.

  5. oops, last line should of read: And you should be proud of where you come from too.

    Not really proud of my typing. :)