Thursday, 8 October 2009

Now I've got Man-Flu - it's so depressing!

That's right, last night, my world collapsed, I've caught a bug. =(

I've managed to avoid it thoughout all previous 9 months of the year, but now fresh from the breaking news of the snoring, comes another distressing sequence of events.

During yesterday afternoon I could sense that something was on the way, thanks to a sore throat, with a bit of a headache attached, but I put it down to maybe lack of food as maybe a Twix bar doesn't constitute a decent lunch to some!!!

So, I made myself some pasta & chicken, but that didn't work, in fact it swung the other way, and I started to feel worse, and whilst doing some more of college coursework I noticed the throat getting worse, the head pounding, and the nose deciding to attempt an impression of Niagra Falls - sorry, that was a bit graphic - anyway I'm sure you get where I'm coming from.

So, onto the lemsips & beechams, and a bit of sudafed thrown in for good measure, so much in fact that I felt high as a kite last night, I'm not even sure if I was snoring either - I'll have to ask the wife tonight.

One sneeze this morning, and that was it, the start of an epidemic in the Banks household, yep, this was not good, and the thoughts of time off work were creeping into my head - which would be welcomed, but I knew I'd end up having to catch up with stuff, so got ready, up and out to work.

Now, sitting next to someone who is constantly sneezing & sniffing all day doesn't exactly appear to be appealing does it, but then the person who sits next to me has it too, so he knows what I'm going through - it's all his fault!!

We're actually sharing blackcurrant Tunes, and both consoling each other that we have the worst kind of illness imaginable to man - it is of course known as Man-Flu, never mind Swine Flu, Bird Flu, or Certain Death Flu, this is just beyond all that!

I'm sure all you fellas can relate to what I'm on about, and have a look at this video, it really sums everything up!!

Right, sympathy please.