Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Can you live without the internet?

A survey published today, has shown that 75% of 16 to 24 year olds couldn't live without the internet, and also found that four out of five people used the web to look for advice.

If you think about it, this is a shocking statistic.

In my youthful days, there was no internet to rely on, and you had to actually bury your head in books, speak to people, or find out out via other methods on how to do things.

Maybe it's a measure of how much the internet has taken over life in general.. Almost everyone has a computer with access to the internet these days, and spend at least one hour a day on it - hell, that's what I'm doing right now!!

I'm not saying that the internet is a bad thing - far from it - as it is certainly a great avenue to explore, if you do need advice on things that happen in life, but it does perhaps represent the lack of conversations that take place around households these days.

I know that in my house, we are victims of, it, as my wife will play the games on the internet, and when she isn't doing that I'll be scouring the net for info or blogging, just like I am now!!

I just find it sad that something can dominate your life so much that you can't do without it, so the question then maybe becomes "is the Internet an addiction"?

It's an interesting thought.

Anyway, ended up a bit serious there, so let's finish off with...

What else could you not do without in life, besides food & drink of course!

Sport? Your car? a TV? Porn?

Note to the wife: Just asking the question, no need to go routing!!!


  1. Well I wouldn't be able to make it through the day without internet at WORK, but when I'm home, or out of the office, I couldn't care less. I can't live without music - my mp4 player :-/

  2. I use it for work, I use it for fun, I use it socially (irc - none of this facebook shit), I use it for my banking and bills.

    Without the internet I would have to re-associate with 3D people and that's scary.

    Not really, but the net consumes me. It has become indispensable, the only thing it can't do is make decent coffee and I struggle to go as far as the kitchen to do it myself.

    But I do make time each day to go to the bar, reaffirm my existence in the 3D world and drink beer, even converse and watch the news.

    A very poignant point, Banksy.


  3. This is true. I probably would have everything repossessed and shut off. I pay all my bills on this thing. What else is interesting is when I was growing up, like you chester, internet wasn't around. When ever we thought of the future, the internet wasn't even thought about. Who knew it would be a major part of our lives. Makes you think, what really we have in store in the years to come.

  4. I wouldn't i will go insane not to be able to make it through the day without internet I'm home, all the time or at least for now I can live without music but not TV or Internet.

  5. Not just the internet! Cell phones, which were only gaining popularity a little over 15 years ago, are now considered a necessity by most people. Lots has changed, information has become cheap since it has become so readily available that we don't know how to be without it.


  6. I must admit, that I think I'd cease to exist (to some extent) without my cell phone....because it has the internet! LOL it's an ugly cycle I tell ya!