Monday, 12 October 2009

Cookers - don't you just hate them!?!

So there we were yesterday, fresh from a night on the old wine watching a good night of tv & film, and a large lie in on a Sunday morning - it has to be done, when you are up at 5.30am each weekday, and rambling around for a couple of hours deciding what to do for the afternoon.

We decided to have a nice roast dinner, mmmm, lots of roast spuds, and some nice chicken to go with it, so up to Tescos I went (in the scruffs of course) and got some yorkshires to go with it, as well as some extras to throw in to the oven.

When I got back the potatoes were peeled, the veg was in the pan ready, and here I was to help with the chicken & stuff. So, here we go then...

Switched the oven on - nothing.

Not even a light - nothing.

Checked the fuse box by the door, all good, but still nothing happening as far as the oven is concerned.


So, out came the electric oven from it's slot, and then my impression of a surgical electrican began - now I am useless with home stuff, but never mind, this was dinner we are talking about - so instructed the wife to flick the 'lecky' off, and then...screwdriver - check, ahh that's all I needed.

So, off to work on the plug, ripped open with furiousity (is that a word? if it isn't, it is now) and then popped out the fuse (in a Homer Simpson "Why you little" type way), and then realised that we had no others to replace it with - D'oh!!!

So, off to B&Q I went to buy a set of fuses, it probably cost me more in diesel to get there & back than it was to buy the fuse pack, still it had to be done, and so back again, strutting through to the kitchen with the new fuse pack in hand.

In goes the fuse, back on goes the plug, into the socket it goes, here it comes, on goes the switch on the socket, and on goes on the oven!!

Only it didn't - absolutely nothing again.

More than gutted now.

So, it looks as though I have lost the battle to get it working, and whilst consoling the wife that the oven is not worth the worry, it's time to think of an alternative for dinner, and this is where the brains of the operation, the wife, came in.

She got started on the frying pan with the chicken, and other goodies, whilst getting the spuds on and having mash instead of roasties - it was a poor second choice bearing in mind the fantastic roasties that the wife makes, but that's what we had to make do with.

So, looked up the recipt for the cooker that we bought four years ago, and to my surprise we had a five year parts guarantee on it, great I thought, we're covered - images of street celebrations ran through my head, you know that one where you get the parade with the man with big cymbals threashing away.

On the phone I went to them this morning, and they said yes you're covered for parts, but you'll have to pay us £109 to come out to you!!



The thing was only bought for £170 four years ago.

So, that's it, I'm giving it a second crack tonight.

Stay tuned for the next exciting instalment of "Banksy messes up the electrics" which will appear here tomorrow live and direct on The Daily Banksy.

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