Monday, 26 October 2009

A two hour lunch break for all please!

Lunch hours – one hour is never enough!

That’s it – I think I’m going to start a new campaign to have a 2 hour lunch!!!


Well, today I planned a rare journey into my City on the bus, the one provided by work, however, thanks to some roadworks that were taking place nearby, the bus ended up sitting static in traffic, and taking twenty five minutes to get into the heart of my City, which is normally a five minute journey.

The return journey would then leave just twenty minutes later from the point of drop off, so it left me with twenty minutes to do what I needed to do, which by the way was call in at the bank. What I didn’t budget for was a king sized queue of people to get through, and constant checks of the watch were the order of the day!

Anyway, with about five minutes before the bus was due to collect people to take them back to work, I finally got to the counter, and service provided, and then out, but before I went I got asked if I wanted insurance, you know that type of stuff, where they try to reel you in, just before you go out the door!

I openly said I’ve a bus to catch, but the questions still kept on coming, worse still, they still had hold of my card before I could leave promptly, so that probably added another 30 seconds to my time in the bank.

From there, it was a hot footed run to catch the bus, which I’d just seen going round the corner up ahead of me, but despite some valiant efforts that Usain Bolt would be proud of, the bus pulled away before I got the chance to flag it down.

So, I’d missed the bus back to work, I certainly wasn’t going to get a taxi that’s for sure, and so I had to wait for the next one an hour later – meaning I’d had a two hour lunch – I’d have to work that hour back – and it was all thanks to that lady in the bank asking me those extra questions that delayed me – the only good thing was that her delaying tactics now meant that I’d have to get a McDonalds, complete with a large Strawberry milkshake!!

But I do think we should all have a two hour lunch still!!


  1. Jeff, a two hour lunch, then a three hour nap, and go home, I always say.

  2. hiding in my room terrorfied to be around people I can say haha you suk you have a job:P
    just kidding. What I would have done tho is gone to the bank manager and had them call you a cab. You told the clerk you had a bus to catch, she in turn stalled your departure. if they refused, then fall on the floor in a fit :D
    oh yea and say you want a coupon for mc donalds AND all the yellow M&Ms :D