Monday, 5 October 2009

What's the most bizzare thing you've ever seen?

There was a story which raised a smile to my face the other day in the UK, and it was provided courtesy of BBC TV's Top Gear, who for anyone who doesn't know, is a programme aired in the UK where they have the latest cars, look back at classic cars, even test drive brand newies, or even have a celebrity do a lap of a racetrack.

It's even seen one of the presenters nearly die when he reached speeds of 300mph whilst in a dragster syled car on an airfield in the UK, but instead, ended up in a serious condition where he almost lost his life, but still returned to the programme to carry on re-testing cars!

The presenters on the programme have also tried to drive their way across the English Channel before now too, amongst one of the busiest shipping lanes in the world!

Anyway, the thing that made me laugh was not that, or the earlier crash, but instead, James May, a fellow presenter of the programme, crash landing an airship with a caravan attached underneath - what a sight that must have been!!

Apparently the thing was supposed to come down in the middle of a cricket pitch, but instead, got blew off course, and ended up in a farmers field, as you can see from the picture above!!

It prompted me to think of bizarre things seen, anyone else got any weird and funny ones out there?


  1. Jeff, just syopped in, will have to think about this one, will be back later.

  2. jeff,
    The most bizarre thing i have ever seen, is really not hat bizarre as much as rare,
    while at sea, the dolphins were migrating, must have been several hundred, maybe a thousand.
    they were so cool to watch in the wild like that.
    the father would dive, come up with a fish, flip it to the mother, who in turn would flip it high in the air for the baby. the baby would jump out of the water to catch the fish, mid air. then the mother dolphin would almost be standing like on the seas tops, and do a backward type of dance. it was really strange and do very fun to watch.