Monday, 19 October 2009

Miracle baby survives after train hits pram

On today’s blog I’m going to talk about the miracle baby that somehow avoided instant death when the pram the baby was in, rolled off the platform on to the track, in Melbourne, Australia.

As you will see from the footage, it’s absolutely incredible that the six month old baby survived, after what appears to be an instant fatality, and the worst possible timing, with the oncoming train arriving.

You can see the lady pulling her trousers up and lets go of the pram for one second, and that was enough for it to suddenly make its way to the edge of the platform, and fly off the edge throwing the baby in front of the train.

The baby actually got dragged 35 metres, and yet somehow, miraculously only sustained a cut on his forehead, but it was also perhaps fortunate that the lady appears to slip when she suddenly realizes what’s happening, as if she hadn’t it’s entirely possible that she would have jumped in front of the train to rescue the baby, but the slip possibly prevented that from happening.

You have to feel sorry for the train driver, who will quite possibly be the worst one affected by this incident, as he will undoubtedly get flashbacks whenever he is pulling in by a platform.

The mother will obviously never ever let go of that pram whilst she has it, mind you the manufacturers will probably end up selling loads of them based on the baby’s survival thanks to the fact that the strap probably saved the little one’s life.
One of the most amazing stories of survival that one.

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