Thursday, 18 November 2010

World Toilet Day Revisited!

Well I just couldn't let it pass, tomorrow is World Toilet Day!!!

Now, admittedly there is a serious side to all this, but really, a day dedicated to Toilets....I mean?

My blog last year (see here) hopefully did some good for the awareness campaign around, and this year is no exception, so tomorrow morning I'll be dropping off some pointers about what you can do to celebrate World Toilet Day...

Have a good read of it, and see what ideas you can do for one of the most special days on the calendar that surely even rivals Christmas Day - well let's face it, there's normally a load of shit on the tele that day, so it does rank alongside it in that respect!

Speaking shit on TV, did anyone watch the England game last night?

Fortunately, I was enjoying Chester FC's latest win so ended up only watching the highlights of the game - well what highlights there were of course.

So, tomorrow spare a thought for others as you sit on the bog!

A bog blog - now there's a thought....

May as well refer to the award that was received with delight from fellow Blogger, Argentum Vulgaris, who gave The Daily Banksy the Golden Bog Roll Award - a major honour amongst the blog world!

Anyway, that's it now, gotta to have a sit down...

Friday, 5 November 2010

It's Bonfire Night again, and yet rains!

A year after blogging about Bonfire Night, and the nightmare weather that was around at the time, I expressed my non-delight at the fact that it always seems to rain in the UK on Bonfire Night, and guess what's forecast for tonight in Chester? Yep, you guessed it - heavy rain!

You would think that just for at least one night in the year, the weather system would allow us to enjoy the night when things are allowed to go bang in the night, in fact in our ever health conscious world - and it's getting worse in that respect - I'm surprised that they haven't banned the things, just because the stick of one of them dreaded rockets could end up falling on your head after it's gone bang!

I mean, it's just not on is it, the fact that people can have a spikey umbrella and have no regards for your face when walking alongside one - perhaps they think they are audtioning for a part in 'Singing in the Rain' I'm not sure, but they always seem to whack you one on the head!

But this world is going safety mad, and soon we'll be confined to those extremely sad old indoor fireworks that have as much excitement as watching paint dry!

I remember times where you could mess around as a kid and not have a care in the world, that time when you didn't have to wear bike helmets, when you'd fall off your bike, cry a bit, then jump back on and pedal on, no that's all gone now, in this ultra safe world - well at least it's supposed to be, but really half these changes make matters worse for everyone!

Anyway, time to get back to the initial subject of fireworks, I atually hear people watching a firework display saying, "it's a bit loud" when the bangs and boom fill the air, what were they expecting - a mild and whispering 'bip'?

For christ's sake, you go to a fireworks display to enjoy the experience, not to come bcak moaning about the volume - wear a pair of headphones if you don't like it!

Anyway, happy bonfire night all, and to those who don't have firework displays in their countries, well enjoy the quietness, whilst we all go "oooh" and "aaah" as we look up to the skies!