Friday, 5 August 2011

RIP Bubba Smith

Very sad to hear of the death of Bubba Smith yesterday, one of the funniest characters from the Police Academy series of course.

Bubba wasn't just an actor though, he was also a sportsman, playing American Football for Michigan State University, and according to his Wiki had a fan chat of "Kill, Bubba Kill" - such was his imposing figure no doubt, standing tall at 6ft 7!

Bubba did go on to not just play in the NFL, but also to win a Superbowl with the Baltimore Colts, although due to the actual game that turned out, he actually refused to wear the Superbowl winners ring, blaming it on the fact the game was viewed as "sloppy".

Smith then went on to play for two more NFL teams before retiring, and taking up acting, and then of course became probably more well known for his character in the Police Academy series than his NFL career.

'Hightower' as he was known in the Police Academy series, suddenly attracted a new fan base, and I remember growing up watching the legendary police spoof series, and loving 'Hightower' - there were plenty of greats on there, but he stood head and shoulders above the rest...literally!

So, sad news then that we hear Bubba was found dead at his home, but those who remember the Police Academy series fondly will always have a place in their heart for Bubba 'Hightower' Smith.

Rest in Peace Hightower.