Friday, 5 February 2016

Here we go...again!

Well I guess my last attempt at getting back into the blog writing habit was a bit of a false dawn so here goes with another one!

Having last posted in 2015, I felt it was time once again to get blogging again and see how this one goes this time!

The Banks boys Alfie and Harry continue to progress as in their first and second years respectively.  Alfie is busy running around causing havoc whilst looking very cute,  and he has just started giving kisses so that's very cute too,  whilst younger brother Harry whilst also very cute,  is the complete opposite to Alfie and is so laid back - he definitely has my genes there.

Elsewhere in the Banksy world,  it's still a case of adjusting to the Big Yellow way since they purchased BiG Storage 12 months ago. Times have certainly become a lot busier and I never thought that possible given how busy we were prior to being bought.

Storage is a strange one,  it's something that most people don't want to have to do,  but if you need it then we are the best place to come to.  Give me a shout and I'll see what I can do for you!

In the world of football,  things haven't been so good for Chester FC on the pitch. Struggling since the turn of the year to win a match,  we need 5 wins,  although arguably it could be four,  to secure our position in next year's National League.  Not quite sure what has happened this season but it does appear that the progress made last season where the lads finished in 12th position,  our highest for a number of years,  we just seem to have lost a bit of momentum this time around.  Saying that,  some have gone over the top in their criticism,  we're not playing great but we're also not bottom of the league either - ask Kidderminster or Torquay fans how they are feeling at the moment.  Now granted,  we could be dragged into a relegation fight but so could others, and all it takes is one win to get us back on our feet again.

As I type this we're actually only a few games from a Wembley appearance in the FA Trophy,  but a difficult trip to Halifax tomorrow will see if we are still in that position in just under 24 hours time.

So,  let's see how things go there anyway.

Other things on the horizon this year are Euro 2016, where hopefully England will do a little better this time round compared to last,  the Air Tattoo if I end up there again this year,  still may be a little too loud for the ears of Alfie and Harry,  so may be restricted to those visits of the Red Arrows to Broughton,  or the new local airshow up at New Brighton which will hopefully be a great new show. It will be a sad year though without the Vulcan to see at any Airshow this year having had her final flight last October.

So,  there we go,  a bit going on to look forward to this year,  and also a few blogs to resurrect.  The attempt to become mortgage free by the time I'm 50 years old needs to be treated and will be interesting to see how others are getting on in that respect too.

That'll do for now.