Friday, 22 January 2010

Pause for thought

Time for a blog completely off the beaten track!

Just driving home in the car tonight, and I noticed that there was no pause button on my in car cd - I think that's the first time I've ever noticed that, and I've been driving around in my current car nearly a year.

In fact come to think of it, I can't even recall if I had one in the last car, has anyone noticed this, or have I just been a bit late catching on to this???

I feel sorry for the poor old Pause button, it's just been chucked to the side of the rubbish pile, just think there will be millions of Pause buttons lying around thinking what might have been!

I mean, just have a look around, and you'll see the Play, Stop, Fast Forward, Rewind, and Eject buttons on your car, but where, oh where is that Pause button?

It's just not on, I ask that you all down tools and just Pause for a moment!!!

Monday, 18 January 2010

Are Blondes more aggressive & determined?

That's the question that The Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (blimey, that's a mouthful isn't it?) have answered with a straight "yes".

The University of California apparently studied over 150 students, and found that the blonde hair brigade are the most aggressive & determined, but are also likely to receive less of a wage than the brunettes or redheads.

They also found that the Blondes would receive more attention than the others, and that helped them come to the conclusion that they went to war for things they wanted rather more so than the others, as they felt an entitlement to do so.

So, what do you think?

Which category do you fall into and do you class yourself as aggressive and determined if you're a blonde, or do you feel the opposite?

Also, if you're a Brunette or a Redhead, what do you think of the study?

The DB would interested to hear your views...

Sunday, 17 January 2010

Annoying People in the Cinema - Part 2

Well it's been a while since the last DB post, and that unfortunately is down to both having extended hours at work in 2010, up at 5.30am, back at 6.30pm, and then straight away its into City Fans United mode, as I have attended several meetings lately, what's that all about I hear you cry? Well read here, and you'll see!

Anyway, I'm intending on bringing back The DB back to the fore again, and making sure that it doesn't get left out in the cold, and what better way to revive it than making a part two to an earlier blog, in fact the original was back in August - which was pretty much when I began blogging regularly.

The original blog, Annoying People in the Cinema declared my dismay at people who go to watch a film in th cinema, but then decide they'll make life miserable for those who actually want to enjoy the film.

Well on Friday, having had a long, long week at work, I decided to take the good lady wife to the cinema, to watch 'Did You Hear About the Morgans?' a romantic comedy which features Hugh Grant & sarah Jessica Parker.

We decided to go for the 6pm showing, hoping that we'd avoid the later crowd of possible spoilers, but in the end, we wish we had gone for that later showing, as we had with us quite possibly the worst set of people in there with us, even compared to last time!

To start off with, we were probably a little bit of an irritant ourselves, as we arrived about five minutes into the film, but took our seats quickly, and then settled down quickly to enjoy the film.

As soon as we tried to do that the couple on the row behind us decided to start talking their way through it, what happened to the good old days of back row-ers snogging each others faces off, rather than giving us a commentary on their lives!

Watch the film for ****'s sake!

Then a couple of rows in front, a couple of ladies decided that they'd try and be careful with their opening of their sweet packets, but that only made matters worse as they proceeded to make more noise for longer as they struggled to get the thing opened, it made us want to jump over the rows, and say "look, this is how you do it" and rip the bag open!

Off to the left a couple decided to talk, arrrrrgggghhhhh, and then over to the right, and there's always one person who does this, they drop their cup on the floor, which then decides to continue bouncing making more noise!

Half way through the film the talking from behind then got to breaking point, especially for the wife, as she shouted over to them, "shut the **** up!" - I just gave them the look, and they soon shut up, whether it was my look, or more probably the fear of god that the wife put into them, I'm not sure!

Despite thinking that the film was okay, we still couldn't wait for the end to arrive so that we can vent our frustrations, and just get home and have a bloody good drink!

Why do people go and spend a fortune to watch a film, only then to talk all the way through it - I'll never understand that!

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Monday, 4 January 2010

The Most Depressing Day of the Year!

Happy New Year everybody!

We have finally arrived in 2010, and a new decade, it's all very exciting - for some!

Having enjoyed the festive period with several alcoholic beverages, well more than several actually, the reality has dawned on most us all again today, as we all end up trudging back to work, with faces longer than Tiger Woods' female contacts list!

So why is it so depressing?

I guess it's just the culmination of the last couple of days as we waved farewell to Christmas for yet another year, and then once we pass midnight on New Year's Eve, that's pretty much it, with New Year's Day either spent on the couch nursing a hangover, or resigning yourself to take the decorations down for another year.

Added to this the fact that you had to spend the entire weekend thinking about your return to work, not because you wanted to think about it, but because your subconscious wouldn't let you forget about it!

So, we all got up this morning no doubt full of the joys of that first working day of the new year, if you happen to be an office worker of course, plenty of other job roles would have returned to normality on Saturday, especially in the shops for the masses of sales that drag out the worst of people's rudeness as they converge on the shops - not for me I'm afraid, and thankfully not for my wife either!

Mind you, the fact that we don't have any money at the start of this year has a lot to do with it I have to admit, in fact that's another reason why depression sets in, you just know that it's such a long time til next payday if you happen to be paid monthly, having to endure an extra week following your Christmas pay packet which arrived a week earlier in 2009.

It's all very depressing isn't it?

Now, to avoid anyone heading for the tablets to bring you back up again, let's finish on a high, and think that as bad as today is, there's always tomorrow, and that will never be as bad as today!

I think that's helped, or has it???

Ah well, roll on January 5th!