Wednesday, 1 February 2012

The 29 Day Challenge...Game On!

Well the last time I blogged it was all to do with losing weight, and the challenge of losing a further half a stone on top of the stone lost in the 28 Day Challenge that I undertook back in September.

That four week period saw me achieve my target of losing the 14 pounds, and that's why I took it a step further in October, but as with these things, it didn't last although I did keep my weight, bar a couple of pounds thrown on around Christmas, and purposefully I've not tried to lose it again in January.

Instead, I've decided that as February has an odd number of days this year, and it's a leap year, that I'd undertake a self imposed 29 Day Challenge this time, with the sole objective of losing another 14 pounds, so this one is going to be a lot harder I'm sure, but having just weighed myself I'm currently at 13st 2lbs, so the first milestone will be to climb back under the 13st mark, so that will be the target for week 1 - to lose 3lbs.

So, how will I attempt to get there?

I've a sort of plan, and week 1 (starting today) will see me go into the gym for the first time in eons, and will attempt to do a one hour work out, 3 times a week, whilst the other 4 days I'll be doing the same at home with a few exercises, followed by a few walks (if the big freeze allows).

I've probably allowed my eating habits to go on a downwards spiral again in the last few weeks, especially as those post-Christmas chocolates simply had to be eaten, so time to get strict with myself again, and that's what I will be doing, halving those meal sizes again, and turning drinking wine into drinking water, although I don't consume wine in the week any longer, and that probably explains why I've kept my weight in the main, and not put much more back on.

So that's the challenge, a stone in 29 Days, let's see how it goes...

Game on!