Tuesday, 13 October 2009

The Cooker wins the battle

So, a second crack I gave it, but in the end nothing changed, and so I had to concede defeat against the cooker, despite throwing it around the kitchen just to try one final time to shake it into action, but all that came of that was a near crack of the tiles on the floor, which would of course have added to the cost.

Knowing that there was a costing of £109 just around the corner, the wife and I decided to head out and go and check out some more cookers, we may as well buy a new one rather than fork out just £50 less to have someone come round, and you can imagine that we'd be sitting in all day waiting on their arrival, so a new cooker I think it will be!

Why are household essentials such a stress though, in my time at the house, we've had problems with the central heating, water, electric, tumble dryer, washing machine, fridge, sofas, shower, taps, and now the cooker. In fact all that's left is the TV & satellite - god help me if I lose that!!!

Why are things so prone to going wrong though?

Why does it always cost an arm & a leg?

It's always the items that are "not covered under the insurance" isn't it???

Insurance - there's another one, need to get the Home Insurance sorted out by tomorrow, looks like I'll be making use of one of my other blogs here, on how to make money from cashback sites, and trust me, it really works, if you don't know much about it all, read up on it via the blog, and you can make a bit of money - especially when it comes to Insurance!

So, back to the cooker, last night's exciting meal was a Rustlers burger, yes a 100 second microwave jobbie, that's all I had last night, tonight's exciting blend is mash and ..... errrr..... ummmm.....ahhhhh, okay I'll come back to you on that.

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