Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Feeling guilty over keeping up with Followers

I had a bit of a guilt trip earlier, as I've committed to following a lot of blogs as I found them all really good to read, but lately, my time has been taken up with other things going on, so I've felt a bit guilty of late of not keeping up with those other Blogs.

Having read a few just now, I have to say I'm seriously considering just having one day a week reading other blogs, there is so much quality out there - lots of them should be money making they are that funny - what are your thoughts, do you ever spend too much time blogging, and not enough reading, or is it the other way round?

Just a short one today, as my lunch hour has over extended a little whilst reading & commenting on other blogs!


  1. Jeff, never feel quilty, we all have another life away from blogging.Today it is raining here so I have a limited ability to get things done. always love your posts'

  2. I agree with bob, never feel quilty. :) I post once a week and I get comments through out the week. Not everyone can read a post the day it goes up. I sometimes have to read two or three posts on someones blog to catch up but they are good blogs and well worth it. try the once or twice a week thing with reading and see how it goes.

  3. "Let's not bicker and argue about who killed who... this is supposed to be a happy occasion!" LOL - really, this blogging thing is supposed to be enjoyable. Stop shoulding all over yourself. Unless it's MY blog you're not following. In that case, I suggest 40 lashes with a rubber chicken. :-)

  4. ummmmmmmm (from work) I spend WAY too much time blogging AND reading.......and still can't stay caught up on all the ones I want to read!

  5. I spend more time than I should following all the blogs (according to one of my bosses :P )
    But that's his problem.lol...I love reading what all you guys have to say...brightens my day right up :)