Friday, 16 October 2009

Boy & the Balloon

Well that was one hell of a story that was being made yesterday, when the world was led to believe that there was a possibility that a 6 year old boy was stuck in an out of control air balloon racing through the skies.

The question of course, after the frantic worry, and genuine worldwide concern for the youngster, is was it all a hoax?

Considering in the interview after the 6 year old was found in the attic, the young boy was quoted as saying "we did this for a show", it all seems as though it was a hoax, I guess there will be no way of finding out, but the parents should be well and truly ashamed if it was a way of getting the news onto them, having been on Wife Swap, maybe they enjoyed the attention that much they thought this would go down well too.

Being in the UK, I've not seen the Wife Swap programme that featured the couple, so I can only guess as to what the people are actually like, but if I was to play Devils advocate for a moment, then maybe the parents should be left alone whilst they deal with their rollercoaster ride emotions.

Of course, leaving the Devil behind, it does seem as though it's a hoax, and if they cared that much surely they would have kept him away from answering any questions - he's a 6 year old for ****'s sake and should be given more privacy than that!

So, what should happen now with the parents?

There will be calls for the couple to be charged for the full scale police operation, added to the emergency services being ready for any subsequent death or injury that may have prevailed, but how can it be proved that this was a hoax?

It's a difficult one this, but I really can't see how it can be proved...

Coming from a different angle now, imagine seeing that in the skies fom a distance, you'd think that was clearly a UFO, how many balloons do you see like that???

I'd have been on the phone to the UFO police straight away!!!


  1. a proper investigation should yield answers. ofc its a 6yo, so put his ass in an empty room with a bright light, 2 chair a table and big guy barraiding him with the same questions over n over until he confesses, with only cold coffee and cheap fags(smokes) without sleep.

    Or take the parents PC, question them, and put the kid in a nice room with a bunch of other kids that are around his age, that dont know what he did. so they all just play like kids do. monitor them secretly and see what goes on. I think in time he will brag about hiding from mom an dad, or daddy said lets play a game for a new show.
    concidering the kid is aware of how shows are because his recient wifeswap thing, he could have just up his comment about the show, for the new camera in his face. i didnt hear or know about this story until some post yesterday .
    then if guilty, parents pay a % of their income for some time period and do community service in thier city for, well how many man hours were wasted on thier little game for attention? now they have their attention and im sure many people will be driving by, so now look, they are on camera :)
    What do you think?

  2. Hey found you from the coffeeshop.
    I think my favourite was the terrible news coverage Fox News in particular: "Let's not forget the little boy at the centre of this who must be very afraid. Let's hope he's alive and afraid."

    Kate x