Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Supersize my TV! (but lose that remote control!)

Just read through a news report that California is cracking down on big flat screen tv's because of energy usage, which raised the question from the BBC has the super-size TV set become an object of vulgarity?

I can remember the day when we had a medium sized tv in the front room, and shockingly you had to get up to turn the tv volume up or down, and the same to change the channel - I dread to think what the reaction would be if you had to do that today, mind you I think it could catch on...

"World Get Up Off Your Arse To Turn The TV Over Day"

Yes, I can see it now, people all over the globe risking life and limb to get up off their plush leather sofas and have to brave the old way once again, you know, it may just be the only exercise some people get, remember this video?


So, I urge everyone to dump your remotes for the day, get a bit of "Get up & Go" in to your life, and feel the need to change the channel with your bare hands, not with the remote control!!

As for the original question, I have to say I quite like the modern design, I think they look rather cool, I don't necessarily think they are too big, but maybe some do take it too far!

I have a 37 incher in our front room, calm down, I'm talking about the TV, and nothing else - I wish!!

That size is adequate enough for me, although it's a bit on the thin side!


  1. I don't have a TV, do I qualify having to walk to the kitchen for more coffee?


  2. Jeff, man i had no idea anyone but me was that lazy,lol