Sunday, 21 June 2015

Banksy is back!

So,  it's been a good 3 years since I last blogged on here and so much has happened since!

Now having two little boys in the space of 12 months has changed my life around completely. Yes it's true what they say,  you do look at things in a whole new light.

From changing nappies on a regular basis to those early morning and through the night feeds  both Alfie and Harry as we've called them are so very demanding but very rewarding and it's easy to get lost in their baby eyes and wonder what thoughts they are going through even at this early age.

The time will come when I'm sure they will tell me and mum their thoughts and we'll probably wish they never started speaking!!

Elsewhere in the world of Banksy,  Chester FC have gone from strength to strength with the promotion run continuing since my last blog,  in fact now back in the league that the old girl Chester City FC went out of business in. I was of course on the board serving as media officer but stepped down last April after 4 years, due to the arrival of Alfie aka Little Banksy.

Those four years were a huge chunk of my life and whilst it was often very challenging it was also very rewarding too. Despite not being on the board any longer,  I did decide to stay in the role as Media Officer for a further 12 months but now with the arrival of Harry,  it made sense to step down but still remain involved in a media volunteer capacity,  just I wasn't able to commit so much of my time as I'd done before. There are a great set of lads trough who have taken on the mantle since last April though and am confident they will continue the great job that they have done so far.

Elsewhere,  the Vulcan bomber is in its last flying year now so I think I'll resurrect that blog too,  and the mortgage continues to reduce so maybe a trip to that blog too to get that up and running again!

So The Daily Banksy will try and be daily,  although with the two boys,  work and then family time,  those posts may end up being late on in the day!

It's good to be back!!!

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