Wednesday, 25 May 2011

A new star is born...let's help her reach the top!

Ever wanted to be in the right place at the right time when a star is born?

Well, last Friday night it was the City Fans United Promotion Party celebrating Chester FC's debut season since reformation by the fans that saw the Championship being lifted, but amongst the celebrations was an 8 year old girl, who may just end up being the next BIG star.

When Courtney Clare took to the stage not many had heard the voice of the youngster, who was at the event as part of Daryl Clare's family - Daryl being a modern day legend, as Chester FC fans will testify, as it was he who scored many goals to help Chester City (the former club) win promotion from non league football back to League football before all the problems began.

We'd heard of Courtney's singing abilities on the Seals Podcast - for those who don't know - is the club's official podcast that is run by local community station Lache FM - and they had played a couple of songs that Courtney had put together, Danny Boy, and Ave Maria.

So, on Friday night, the audience attending the awards ceremony were treated to a performance by 8 year old Courtney, who turned 9 the day after, and after finishing both songs received a standing ovation by the 400+ audience - and well deserved too.

Upon speaking to daryl further it had transpired that Courtney would have attended an audition for Britain's Got Talent - for those reading this in the US I'm sure you know the equivalent America's Got Talent - as mentioned she would have auditioned had it not been for a clash of dates which meant she missed out in 2011, but 2012 could very well be the year that Courtney takes centre stage, but why wait that long?

Indeed, knowing how You Tube tends to send this worldwide at a rapid rate, we had Courtney's performance filmed and it appears on the Chester FC You Tube Channel - this really could be the start of something very special indeed, as Courtney will surely get better and better as time goes on, but why not start the ball rolling now and make her a world star - so for everyone reading this...get it on your facebook, send it out to all friends, and let's make little Courtney a star!

Having spoken to her on Friday night she is so full of confidence, and wouldn't it be great if we could all back her to success now?

It worked with Susan Boyle a couple of years ago when the video of her performance went worldwide, so let's see what we can do for Courtney - send it on to as many people as you know!

Let's see if we can make a million hits for starters - she deserves the break, and I'm sure we'll see a lot lot more of Courtney as time goes on!

See Courtney singing here!

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  1. I wish the best for this young lady and want all the success she deserves. However the burning light of fame too quick can be a destructive force in the long run. Let's hope her support structure is very sturdy indeed. W.C.C.