Saturday, 9 July 2011

Remember TDK D120 tapes?

The D120 - The Posh Tape!

Just had a brief look back at some stuff from my past, and caught sight of some old tapes from yesteryear, and did anyone else reading this have some D120 tapes - they were almost the 'vanden plas' of the tape world, now everyone in that era would have had a million C90 tapes, capturing an hour and a half of music or whatever on there.

But the 120 well...a chance to get an extra half hour, it seemed to make all the difference believe me, it would of course wouldn't matter at all these days what with cd's and even more futuristic ways of keeping your music, but the 2 hour tape, well you felt almost privileged to have it.

That was until the thing bloody snapped on you, and cue the loss of some great stuff that you hadn't got saved anywhere else - there were no memory sticks in them days, just a one off tape that you'd stored stuff on - so what could you do? Well you had to get the sellotape out and hope that you could keep it together and didn't you just punch the air with delight when it actually worked, you'd cut it that well that it would keep on playing!

Then came the utter blow when the tape got all messed up, and you pressed eject on your stereo only to see unlimited amounts of tape wrapped around the mechanism inside the tape player - one word "Gutted" - that was it, end of tape, loss of media.

So, in summary the D120 was brilliant to have until it went wrong, due to the thin tape, that would be the downfall, play them sparingly if you still have them.

Better still in this day and age link your tapes up to a PC and keep them on there - you wouldn't have even dreamed of being able to do that back in the 80's would you???

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