Tuesday, 11 October 2011

More weight lost, but now manflu strikes again!

I really don't believe it on two counts!

Firstly, I managed to lose more weight during the last few weeks, and am currently on 1 stone and 4 lbs lost, so made up with that - that was also without continuing with the running as the building of the new Chester FC website took every waking hour away from me, so that last few weeks has been classed as a rest period, but still made up to have hit my target!

My next target as mentioned earlier was to hit two milestones, one to get under 13 stone, I'm currently bang on 13st 0lbs, and the second to lose a total of 21lbs, so I'm currently 3lbs away from that.

Hopefully that gives a little hope to other 'overweight' bods like me that it's possible to do without attempting to be Usain Bolt down the estate, so good luck to all that are currently trying to shift some weight!

Stop everything, man in need!
Now, the other reason I don't believe it is that I've come down with the lurgi - yes that dreaded horrible disease...Man Flu, has gripped me. Sitting in the CFC board meeting last night I just felt it coming down, so apols to the other board members if you end up catching it!

Today though has just been stupid, sitting there in front of a PC screen snivelling through the day - apologies to anyone sitting near me on this one - and barely making out the numbers and characters on the screen - god knows I failed my log in password four times this morning,and ended up throwing my mouse across the desk in frustration. As if mulling over Voluntary Redundancy wasn't enough, now I get 'The Bug' and not a nice one either (you can start giving me sympathy now please).

Pass the tissues...
What I did find amazing though is that I've blogged about Man Flu before, twice in fact, and I wondered out of curiosity what were the dates when I last suffered with this illness and I've been amazed to see that both previous instances of the bout recorded were both within a 7 day period of each other - this seven day period - October 8th in 2009, and October 14th in 2010, and so here we are on the 11th October 2011 yet again with this ugly illness.

Is this just 'the time of year' or is it something to do with my body - is it the fitness regime I started, and have lost too much weight, and now suffering the consequences? No probably not, but there's a chance! Maybe I should get back to eating a full English - after all they always say 'feed a cold' don't they?

So, I thought it was time to re-hash the blogs from before and if you click the links then you'll see just how crappy it's been in October. I think next year I'll go into hibernation as soon as September arrives!

Man Flu 2009

Man Flu 2010

Thanks in advance for the sympathetic responses!


  1. Sorry to hear it Bansky. I know the feeling. I've been sick for almost a month now. Hit hard in the chest, moved along to the sinuses.... Can't shake it. That time of year once again. Autumn and Winter should be executed.

  2. Banksy where have the daily entries gone..... you once sat next to me and promised the would go on and on..... and yet the have dissapeared.... you cant tell me you dont have time surely

  3. It will be back tomorrow with a bit of luck - just when I seem to be ready to blog - something else comes up!

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