Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Small Thoughts...

Just waking up this morning feeling like crap, and some random thoughts came in to my head...

Does everyone leave the one bad crisp in the packet, or are they brave enough to eat it - you know the ones, green crisps or one with a whacking great brown/black bit in it.

In the olden days why have the UK emergency number 999 as on old phones it took the longest possible time to dial?

Why can you never find a pen when you need one, yet when you don't need one there are loads all over the place?

Does everyone have a tape measure in the bottom draw in the kitchen?

Charities always seem to put so many clothes bags through the door, yet I've never seen anyone coming back round for them.

What is the point of flies?

If you hoover a spider up, does it kill it, or does it simply uncurl itself and climb back through?

Has everyone got a book in the living room that has been there for years but never been read?

Does anyone else sit in the house in sub zero temperatures just to avoid putting the heating on as long as possible in the year?

All small thoughts, anyone got any others they'd like to share?


  1. mhm, yes.
    i do wonder a lot of these things.

    someone, should really go out and find the answers.
    it would be a great public service to all.

  2. damn you!!!!!
    You have made me think and now my brain hurts
    never again will i be able to simply allow these things to go un-noticed.....PLEASE PLEASe someone find the answers and post ASAP
    We cannot go on with this THINKING mallarky

  3. Re the 999 thing...

    999 was chosen as it was the least likely to be a false alarm. Back in the dialing days (before buttons, digital and DTMF tones), having 111 would have meant that the least little bit of electrical interference could have resulted in an emergency call.

    Of course, now it mkaes no difference what 3 numbers they use, but everyone is used to 999, so it persists.

  4. I was thinking the 999 was probably because it was the least likely to be dialled by accident (all that waiting!), but Geoff beat me to it, and was more correct than me, I think. I have a lot of tape measures, all but the first having been bought because I couldn't find the priors since they are NEVER in my bottom drawer in the kitchen. I definitely have books - that's plural - in my living room that I never read - those books that i think I SHOULD read, but always pass over in favor of something more mindless. Also I usually have a half dozen lying open to where I left them because I won't admit to myself that I will never wade through to the end. I know a bee flew back out of my vacuum cleaner, but I never waited around long enough to see what the spiders did. I eat every crisp - I don't mind the green or spotted ones at all - same salty goodness. The point of flies is so I don't have to pull my pants down whenever I pee - HA! (Do Brits call their pant zippers "flies"?)

  5. Hi my thought is why is it the rich get ricer and the poorer get poorer and they are the ones that work the hardest.